God’s Timing…

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! It might have started off dark and dreary but the beautiful sun has decided to poke its way through.

Well, we did it. We officially got appointment dates for Boston! So instead of spending 20180829_164540October in Boston, we will be heading that way the week before Christmas. Ethan and I were not completely jazzed about the timing but like I said before, we really tried to release the whole situation to God and let go. So Boston must be amazing in December, right?!?! All the pieces seem to be lining right up. We were able to book plane tickets this week as well as set up housing close to the hospital. Such a blessing, right!

We just wanted to let you all know how much of a blessing you guys have been. It was wonderful to be able to book plane tickets and know that they were already taken care of by you all! The outpouring of prayers and so many of you that have offered to host us in Boston. There really aren’t words to express how grateful we are.

That being said, please keep Ollie in your prayers still. He has gotten another infection this week. We were able to get him on antibiotics on Monday but he is still fighting fevers and  his cheek is very swollen. If he doesn’t show signs of improving, we will probably end up back in ER by the end of this week.


20180920_095834I wanted to share a little about the other little man in our life. Declan turned 1 this month on the 14th! How crazy it that! Ethan and I were looking back through pictures the other night and we were just completely in awe. In just one year there is just so much

Ethan and I have this pact to make our kids 3D birthday cakes every year. I think he turned out pretty good!

growth that happens in our little ones.

Our first couple of weeks home, Declan would not sleep at night unless he was on Ethan’s chest. The two of them would spent from about midnight to five am rocking together so that I could get a few hours of sleep. Now the big man grabs his pacifier and blanket  and snuggles himself right into his pillow- zonked.

It has been so fun watching his little personality slowly creep out over the last few months. The kid lives to eat and he drinks water like a camel. He pushes cars around the carpet, little motor sounds escaping his lips every once in a while.  The little man will often find me and try to help with whatever project I’m working on or is just content to sit next to me.

In the days right before Declan was born, I had this fear that there wouldn’t be enough room in my heart for three men. I mean how could there be? But holding that red faced scrawny babe for the first time, I knew I could find a spot. That’s the thing about our hearts, there always seems to be more room.

Our gift to Declan this year was the Xander bunny. He is filled with Michgan cherry pits and lavender. Lavender Life Co. makes them and they are amazing. Every time you buy a bunny, a bunny is also given to a foster child!

Well, have a happy rest of your week and enjoy the last bits of summer. Keep us in your prayers as Ollie fights this current infection.

Cinderella On!


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