Room with a view!

Hi everyone! Quick update on Ollie. We were admitted last night to Helen Devos Children’s Hospital for IV antibiotics. As of right now we have had an ultrasound and a CT done of his cheek. They just want to make sure there is no underlying abscess within his cheek that is preventing him from getting better.20180922_193217

Ethan and I would greatly appreciate your prayers for us as we walk through this today. Ollie has been in good spirits considering.20180923_085148 He rocked his IV start and held completely still for his ultrasound and CT. They still have him NPO (no food or drink) for now, so that has been hard. On the plus side, we have an excellent view if the helipad!20180922_231439

I will update later as we find out how long our stay will potentially be.

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