Hi everyone! Your outpouring of support these past few days has been amazing! We are feeling the love and prayers.

Just a quick update on Ollie. Last night was a little rough. He spiked fevers around 9pm last night and the reddness within his cheek spread pretty rapidly. After speaking with his specialist, they decided to start him on an additional antibiotic. He slept ok, still in a lot of pain. 20180923_143315

He seems in good spirits today. This antibiotic seems to be helping with reddness. Ollie is still quite swollen on that side and its very tender.

He had some visitors yesterday that lifted his spirits immensely! So thanks for coming through for the little man Bohlman and Jessee families! 20180923_154839

20180923_17401320180923_175351Ethan and I were able to head home for a bit this afternoon to spend time with Declan as well as catch up on some sleep. We left Ollie in good hands with Grandma Jill and Auntie Mary. The kid hardly noticed we walked out the door!

Thank you for your prayers! There will be some long term decisions that Ethan and I will have to be making here in the next few days. So keep those prayers coming.

Have a wonderful Monday!

2 thoughts on “Updates….

  1. Prayers are with you all and your medical teams. Please know we are all there for you!

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  2. Praying about the decisions that have to be made soon. (Hugs)

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