Making progress…

I woke up to the sweet sound of singing, humming and the precious words “Mommy, wake up. Its a beautiful day!”. I think its safe to say that we are slowly getting our Ollie back.

Last night was great. No episodes of waking up in pain! He has been on some heavy antibiotics as well as an immunosuppressant. Ethan and I were a little hesitant to get him started on the immunosuppressant but it should be helpful in keeping away cellulitis infections. 20180925_184730

Another concern they had in his latest CT scan was deterioration in his jaw bone as well as some rebuilding in some areas. For now they need to make sure there is no infection within that bone. More things to pray about! 20180925_185508

1 thought on “Making progress…

  1. Praying for answers and wisdom.


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