A little bit of Christmas cheer….

Hi everyone! Just wanted to begin today by just saying thank you for all the love and support from my last blog. It has been amazing being able to share with family and friends something that normally wouldn’t come up in an everyday conversation. I’m not usually one to spill my guts but it felt good! Anyway, today I would like to show you all a little story from our past. It’s a story I have shared before around this time last year but I just wanted to revisit it today. 20181023_103741.jpg

Last year November is when we really started to make regular visits to Helen Devos Children’s Hospital (HDVCH) to see Ollie’s specialist. On one particular visit we were all cramped in this little exam room with no window, all four of us Bohlmans and our specialist. The visit was getting long and both of the kids were getting antsy. That’s when we heard it. Jingle bells. Now there is just something about jingle bells that make everyone smile, right? The bells got closer to our room and then we heard the knock. The door opened slowly to reveal a big man in a vibrant red coat. Behind him Mrs. Claus as well as carts full of toys! Ollie’s eyes have never been bigger. Now Ollie had not a clue who Santa Claus was but does now. The man chatted with Ollie for a few minutes before instructing him to go pick out his own present to put under his tree. The boy was ecstatic. The rest of the visit flew by as Ollie talked our ears off about this new friend he had and how he even was able to pick out a present for Declan!

This is one of the happiest memories I have of HDVCH. It was a time where my child didn’t leave the office crying due to pokes but was excited. As we walked to our car that day, Ollie showed every single person we passed his toy. From that day on, the hospital didn’t seem so scary. It was a place where wonderful things could happen. Ollie has started to call it “his” hospital and it is. It is a place where so many people work very hard at keeping the spirits high for so many little people and their loved ones.

ChristmasOpenHouse-FrontPrintI shared this story with you today because we have a wonderful opportunity to give back to the place that gives so much to our kids. The Found Cottage has decided to do a Christmas Shop Hop on November 15th. With this event all of the shops will act as toy donation centers for the children at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. So as you all come out to shop that weekend please remember to bring a new toy. It brings more happiness to children as well as their families than you can even imagine. Lets blow them away with our donations this year by spreading a little bit of Christmas cheer!




Quick Ollie Update: So Ollie is officially off of his antibiotics! Woohoo! He has been taking his immunosuppressant and we can tell it’s finally in his system. It is taking him longer to get over colds/ runny noses. We are still going for lab work every week so please keep praying for that. He is a trooper but it’s still a hard experience, we get little cars from the lab techs so he is a happy camper! Boston is still a go for December but there has been no change with insurance not covering anything. Please keep me in your prayers as well. Sometimes it feels like we are fighting a revolving door on that front.

Cinderella On! 20181031_181454.jpg

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