The Experience of the Holidays…

Well the day has arrived! The Christmas Shop Hop is in full swing at the store! I come to you from my comfy couch at home before my shift ends with the kids and begins at the store. Ethan and I rolled into bed about 2 this morning after sprinkling the finishing touches around the store. No for real though, have you ever spinkled that fake snow? So fun! Had to reign myself in a little! The boys and I dropped off a few things this morning before we opened and it was so fun to see the wonder. As we walked through the door the boys immediately rushed to the Christmas tree with the train. Declan, content to just follow it as it made its way around the tree and Ollie, so excited to show everyone “his” train! Isn’t it amazing to see how the little things in life bring the most joy?

Ethan and I tried a new theory this year when it came to gift giving. I come from a family of six kids who are all married with children of their own. This makes for a busy year of birthday celebrations. After the feeling of uncertainty hit yet again while gift shopping, not knowing if the gift was something that the child would enjoy, Ethan and I decided to stop shopping for gifts all together. Instead, we took the time with Ollie to make treats for his cousins. Sometimes it ended up being brownies, rice krispie treats or puppy chow. It didn’t matter really. What did matter was that through the whole process we would talk about the cousin his treats were going to. To me, to see my child take time to bake and create something truly special meant more than anything in the world! The experience of setting aside time for someone else is the lesson we really wanted Ollie to learn.

So as the flurries begin to fall outside my window, the sounds of Pentatonix Christmas float through the air and the glow of fire from our electric fireplace I want to leave you with a couple of thoughts. The first being, enjoy this season. Enjoy the family get togethers with the family you love and the ones you tolerate (come on, every family has that one person!). Secondly, please don’t let the pressures of gift giving and getting drive you this season. We have all experienced that panicked moment of trying to find “the” perfect gift or obsessing over if you’re going to recieve that one thing you “have” to have. So this year, focus on enjoyment and the experience of the Holidays, not all the hullabaloo that throws us off our tracks.

Well I hear the soft creak of the door opening. Looks like nap time and blog time is over and it’s time to head to the store to enjoy this wonderful day. Hope you can come see us this weekend!

Cinderella On!

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