Have yourself a Merry Bohlman Christmas!

Boston Update: Well it’s getting close! Ahhh! Freaking out a little bit. I work the weekend at the hospital and then it is go time. We got a call today about moving one of our appointments to another hospital 30 minutes outside of Boston. I was a little frustrated to say the least since our only mode of transportation will be public transit. So we are working on that. But we will flying out of Detroit on December 18th so keep us in your prayers for good weather and good attitudes! I will do my best to keep you all update on our shenanigans! 

Before I met Ethan, I was never much of a decorator. I also lived with my parents still and enjoyed helping mom decorate with her own personal decor. So since we got married, I have slowly gotten into seasonal decorating. But my favorite time of year to decorate for is Christmas. There is just something about cocoa, fireplaces and the glow of the Christmas tree. This being the second year in our home, I was able to decorate a little more this year, so I have decided to share it with all of you. 

Last time on the blog you all saw our Christmas tree cutting adventures but now it is up and fully decorated. This tree is in our back family room with many windows, making it my favorite room in the house. All of my childhood ornaments as well as Ethan’s make their way onto this tree. There are ugly crafty ornaments, tattered bears as well as our boy’s “First Christmas” ornaments. To me this means home, memories and opportunities. So many moments are memorialized with ornaments that every tree tells it’s own story. 

Back in this room is also where we display our Willow Tree Nativity. This Nativity has been growing since Ethan and I were first married. The simplicity of this set is what drew me in to begin with. I love the neutral colors and the faceless characters. All so subtle and understated but isn’t that the point? Jesus coming into this world as a babe in a barn. Nothing could be more humbling. 

Our main living room is Ethan’s domain.Where I am old fashioned and traditional, Ethan is very up with the times. In some ways I drag my feet but he did a wonderful job with our mantle this year as well as this new addition. A flocked beauty! Growing up we always had fake trees until the very last few years I was home. I vowed to only put real in my home but somehow this tree as wormed it’s way into my heart. Oh and if any of you wondered what happened to the rest of my wedding dress? It makes a beautiful tree skirt! 

Caught a sneaky Pete playing with the manger! 
Pay no attention to my awesome bare feet in the fireplace glass…..

So now that you have seen our Christmas decor, I know it isn’t over the top gorgeous but it’s homey. I love this time of year because it creates opportunities to invite friends over for cookie decorating. It means shopping the stores for the items that didn’t make the list. To me it’s about celebrating Jesus and what He means. Serving others before ourselves and radiating a goodness so that people stop and wonder what makes you special. So radiate Gods love and goodness this year! 

Cinderella On!

4 thoughts on “Have yourself a Merry Bohlman Christmas!

  1. Loving the less is more….no clutter ….just keeping it simple !

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  2. Will be praying that all transportation issues are worked out and that you can just focus on the situation at hand. Beautiful simple decorations are the best. Merry Christmas.

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  3. Holly Grondman / vendor Rustic Corner December 14, 2018 — 2:15 pm

    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your home! So pretty. I wondered how it would look! Prayers are with you at this time. Safe travel’s and Merry Christmas!

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