We have Arrived!

Well, our journey began at 3:45 this morning! As we stumbled awake, I heard the sweet sound of “Mommy, it’s a beautiful day to go to Boston”! Ollie was in awe of the whole process today. Everything from security checks, trams, people movers, and the airplane itself. By the time we arrived in Boston, he slept the whole ride to our house!

Boston Children’s hospital has their own patient housing available for out of towners that we were able to utilize. Its a beautiful old house that has been renovated to fit the needs of many families. There is a play room as well as craft area for the kids to play!

For our first day in Boston we were able to master the subway system and ended up at the New England Aquarium! It is beautiful! Walking in, we were greeted by the crazy site of a huge salt water fish tank containing sea turtles, eels, sting rays, and every kind of fish you could imagine. Ollie was able to watch as Myrtle the 500lbs turtle ate her lunch of lettuce! All of us had our special places we enjoyed most but I think the three of us can agree on the fact that the sting ray touch tank was our favorite part!

We turned in early tonight as our first appointment is tomorrow. We will be see the Oral Surgeon at noon. All of our other appointments will be on Friday. Keep us in your prayers. Pray for wisdom to ask the right questions, compassion to deal with Oliver as he has been testing boundaries lately as well as the ability to keep an open mind about possible treatment options.

We are off for more adventures tomorrow!

Cinderella On!

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