A day of Appointments…

It’s been a wet and overcast day here in Boston, but warm. We were able to shuttle over to the hospital about 9 this morning. The clinic was running about an hour behind but Ollie made friends with other kids and the time flew.

We had about 6 different appointments with various doctors, nurses and PA’s. There are so many different aspects of Ollie’s malformation that there is not a cut and dry approach of how to fix it.

He was such a trooper! 5 hours of appointments todays!

What we did learn today is that we need to start treatment very soon. The more time that his malformation sits on the bony structures of his face, the more deterioration will occur. As of right now Ethan and I are not exactly sure what approach we will start with but we are leaning towards surgical removal of the most anterior portion of his cheek. There has been no set date on when we will do that but we do know that we will be coming to Boston for that procedure. This will not be a once and done surgery. Ollie is looking at multiple surgeries over the next 10 to 15 years of his life. Not all will be huge surgeries but we are looking at more of a maintenance approach. Making small calculated removals at a time with the overall goal of a large decrease in size. Overall, we are very impressed with the staff and the expertise we found here.

We will be flying home tomorrow but not without seeing the Children’s Museum first! I can’t wait to snuggle little Declan. He has been having a blast with my parents but we still miss the little man.

Please pray for safe travels as well as wisdom as Ethan and I discuss timing for Ollie.

Cinderella On!

2 thoughts on “A day of Appointments…

  1. Sounds like years of courage and trusting the process. God bless your little family with grace and patience.
    Please keep us posted….I care.


  2. marcene dunlap selfridge December 22, 2018 — 12:56 am

    My prayers and heart are with you guys


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