2019- Words from a Momma’s Heart

Hi everyone! Hope that all of your celebrations over the holidays went well. Ethan and I rung in the New Year playing a little bit of volleyball and soccer with good friends. Needless to say, waking up on January 1st was rough!

To be honest, I feel like 2019 has been trying already. I just seem to be in this funk that I can’t crawl out of. I am not sure if it’s a seasonal thing or just an exhausted from the holidays thing.

His first gingerbread house!

A big prayer request this week for me has been to keep a gracious heart. Oliver has found all of my buttons and likes to push them all at once these days. At first I thought maybe we weren’t getting enough outside time or movement time. But my goodness, Ethan might find me sawing logs on the living room floor when he comes home from work one of these days because it seems like we move nonstop! Maybe I am just getting old!

Always my busy bees!
When did he grow up?!?!?!?

But something that always seems to lift my spirits, is a clean house. My closet has been an area that has seen neglect for too many months so Ethan and I tried something new this year. He would go through my closet (because lets be honest, I am just too sentimental) and I would go through his. It worked fabulously! Overall, I think we filled 3 large garbage bags with things we no longer needed or simply hadn’t worn in forever. So far I haven’t noticed anything gone that I actually needed but lets be real, it has only been a few days! Does cleaning help your soul? It completely puts mine at rest. Maybe because I am a little OCD, everything needs its place, but I just simply don’t relax in clutter.

Ethan’s Closet!
My Closet!

So if you think about us this week, keep us in your prayers. Prayers for a worn out momma, a troubled threenager and one big messy house. The closets may have gotten done but the rest of the house needs a good cleaning! Sorry it is a short one this week. The boys are sleeping and my bed is calling. Happy 2019! If it hasn’t quite started like you wanted, don’t give up! The days are getting longer now and the sun will shine again!

If that doesn’t brighten your day, I don’t know what will!

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