Ollie Update!

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday!

We had Oliver’s appointment with his specialist at Helen Devos last week. She strongly suggests putting Ollie back on the medication that we decided against a few months ago. This was a little frustrating to say the least. It is not out of our frame of thought, but to try again is a little nerve racking to us. So we are going to put that on the back burner for now.

We are reaching out to the Interventional Radiologist that did Oliver’s sclerotherapy procedures when he was little to see if we can schedule another round of that. Boston suggested an alternate approach than what we had done in the past so we are eager to see what this approach will accomplish for us. It might not change anything about his cheek, but there is a chance it might bring down some of the bulk up by his eye. As of right now we have not heard back with a specific date but we are hoping it will be in the next month or two.

Ollie will be starting preschool on Monday at the Children’s Healing Center! He is super excited to meet his new teachers and friends. Ethan and I are happy that he has this opportunity to go to school in a clean environment. Colds and flu bugs can be rough on Ollie. It’s just a six week program but I think it will be perfect for my little man that can’t seem to soak up enough knowledge.

One of his favorite things! Raspberries!

Just tonight, Ethan asked Ollie to tell him a story. For the next 20 minutes Ollie rambled off the most elaborate story. One that he had never heard before but something that just came to his little brain. I was in awe really. God makes us so unique and complex all at once. He gives us the ability to create, learn and digest information.

Growing and teaching each other new tricks of the trade!

For Ethan and I, watching our boys grow, learn and become their own people with such distinct personalities has been the greatest experience of parenthood. Seeing their progress and drive to discover new things has made me want to strive to become more of an active learner. To step away from the screens that seem to run our lives and take a more active role in improving myself.

There are always fun places to play hide and go seek at the store!

In order to do that, I have begun leaving my phone in my room when I am home with the boys. It limits my distractions and makes me realize just how often I reach to look at it. I also strive to work out everyday. In reality, it usually happens about 3 times a week, but I count that as a win. With just these two small areas, I have already found myself pulling out of my January funk and pushing back into the engaged mamma I need to be for my family!

Declan is 18 months! Where has the time gone?

So as you continue your week, think about how to be three again. Strive to work on areas that make you excited to soak up knowledge. If you are a parent, don’t give up on encouraging your babies to learn new things. Present them with opportunities to stretch and teach you. Bust out of that funk that tends to creep in when we least expect it! Have a wonderful week and stay warm.

Strive to be a better you!

Cinderella On!

4 thoughts on “Ollie Update!

  1. Love nearing how intentional you both are at the care of Ollie !!


    1. Thank you Elaine! At times we feel like helicopter parents but then again sonetimes we need to be.


  2. Love your thinking about being a devoted mom. Yes, the phone is such a distraction and grateful that God is prompting you to make adjustments so you can focus on the boys. You are a blessing. Marge Emery


    1. Thank you Mrs. Emery! You have always been a Godly example to me. Love to you both!


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