His timing……

Happy Thursday everyone! For those of us that live in Michigan, these past two weeks have been crazy weather wise! Polar vortex last week and ice storm this week?!? I think Jesus knew that we all needed a break for a few days!

Snow forts!
Little man loves the snow!

On Tuesday of this week, we met with the Interventional Radiologist (IR) that will be doing Ollie’s next round of sclerotherapy. It had been a year since we had seen him, and it was good to catch him up on progress that we have made with Oliver. He had already spoken to the IR doctor from Boston and knew what we wanted our next steps to be. Ethan and I left that appointment with a feeling of peace with our decision. They told us that it would be a few weeks before they could get us scheduled.

Toast and Jelly!

Yesterday, Ethan got the call that Ollie’s next round of sclerotherapy would be on February 12th. Yes, next week! Not going to lie, my heart probably skipped a beat when he told me. We were thinking maybe about a month from now but not next week. But everything is in God’s timing right?

Being Mom to Oliver has taught me patience. Patience to wait for answers and patience to not rush ahead and schedule every procedure in the book. I have learned graciousness. The ability to answers questions people have (seriously, please ask us anything), but also the grace not to bite someone’s head off when they look at my baby funny. I’m serious, I have a problem with that and we are working on it. God and I have daily conversations.

Ollie’s first day at preschool! How cute is he? He had a blast!

God has also taught me contentment. The ability to be home with my babies and play. Just today, Ollie and I were able to share a quiet moment and work on some Valentine’s decorations. It truly was just a moment but
he is three so getting him to help on part of the project is a win in my book but also in his. It’s more than just teaching him how to use scissors and the measuring tape. He will have the opportunity to tell his Papa that he helped, it gives him ownership and a sense of accomplishment. It also is a beautiful reminder to be content where we are in our life.

Heart Garland!
Yes, out tree is still up!

So as I sit, cozy on the couch I remember His timing. God’s timing is everything! He gave us the opportunity to have multiple snow days in a row last week that left us a little antsy but overflowing with memories of family time. Every time that Ollie goes under general anesthesia is another opportunity that my boy might not come out the same. With that in mind, I am eternally grateful for polar vortexes and ice storms. It forced our lives to slow down and take time for each other. Who knew that Ollie would be having another procedure next week….. Oh yeah He knew!

So be patient, be gracious and be content. God knows what your hopes, dreams and goals are. He also knows just how to piece ALL of the pieces together to make a masterpiece. Breathe, embrace the snow storms and when they pass, embrace the next one too. Keep us in your prayers next week. I will update on Tuesday the 12th, throughout the day.

Cinderella On!

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  1. I will be with you in the wait and in the process.

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