Singing through life….

This morning I found myself singing the words, “Give me strength today, Please Lord give me strength.” Now to my boys, hearing me sing is pretty normal, and they kind of tune me out through out the day but singing is a stress reliever for me. It is never an actual song but rather, thoughts, emotions, or feelings about the moment I am in paired up with random tunes. It seems like in these past few weeks I have been singing a lot.

Happy boy!

I just wanted to thank all of you that prayed, left encouraging notes or shared our post about Ollie. He really did amazing! The chemical that they used for this round of injections does not have the swelling or pain connected to it like the other chemical that we have used in the past. As parents we really weren’t sure how he would react so we wanted him to spend the night. Looking back now, he came out of IV sedation and tolerated everything great. In fact, we went shopping that night in the gift shop!

Doing some shopping! How cute is that cart?!?!
Game time with Papa!

Even though everything worked out great and our time at the hospital was so smooth, I was a wreck. I really didn’t notice anything until Ethan went to work on Thursday and it felt like I was going to fall apart. The buildup of stress, anxiety and lack of sleep were awful. Driving to work on Friday and Saturday, I kept telling myself to focus and everything would be alright. It was like wandering through a fog.

Tubby time! Wash off those hospital germs!

By Sunday, I caught glimpses of the old me and could feel myself getting back into the swing of things. But isn’t it crazy just how much stress and anxiety eat away at the body? They are like parasites that leave you with just enough nourishment to make it through the day but not enough to truly live your life. So I sing. The more I sing the more my body relaxes. As I hear the words of frustration leave my mouth, it is like I can finally identify what is causing my angst or that feeling of overwhelm and fix it.

One of his favorite things to do is play with the camera! #wewokeuplikethis
Working together on marble tracks!

Our family was able to have a wonderful mystery date around Grand Rapids on Sunday that was truly a balm to my soul. Mystery dates are one of my favorite childhood memories. Mom and Dad would plan everything out and take us for wild adventures! This one was the first that we have tried with our boys and it was a blast. We started out at the Underground Cookie Club where they serve gourmet ice cream sandwiches. It was amazing! Our next stop was ice sculptures and a Human Hungry Hungry Hippo contest downtown Grand Rapids. The boys played in the snow and had a blast watching the competition. We dined at the Dog Pit for specialty hot dogs and made it to Rosa Parks Circle to do a little bit of playing on the ice. It was fantastic. A day out to enjoy the city that we live in and so many memories made!

Rosa Parks Circle
Underground Cookie Club!
The Dog Pit. Mini hot dogs for the win!

So as you move through your week this week, identify the stress. Find what makes you anxious or overwhelmed and squash those parasites. Take a minute to enjoy the life that is around you and sing!

Goofball time!
Such a happy little man!

1 thought on “Singing through life….

  1. You both have matured into wonderful parents. I also love to sing. We as a family loved to sing with our family as they grew up. Some our favorites were He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, Tou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on THee.


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