Power of Positive!

I just wanted to begin this week by saying that you guys are awesome! We got such amazing feedback from my last post. Looking back now, it shed a pretty negative light on an amazing journey that we have had with Ollie. Yes, there are the ups and downs of uncertainty but overall, he is the happiest, most positive kid I have met.

Happy until your chocolate milk gets stolen……..I feel like that is pretty universal though right?!?!?

So this week I just wanted to share some happy moments that have happened in the last two weeks. The more that I learn about Ollie, the more that I want to connect with people like him. I know that in our area, Ollie is a one of a kind. But there are so many people around the world that have Lymphatic Malformations. Through Instagram we have been able to connect with about 4 other families that have kids around Ollie’s age. It has been amazing to show Ollie who these kids are and all the activities they are doing. He often says, “Mom, they look like me!” It has truly been a balm to my soul.

This big man rocked out his first dentist appointment!

Ethan and I were able to get away for a day this past weekend to a vintage fair down near Detroit. It was so fun to make connections with possible vendors and to spend time remembering what it is like to just be adults. Like eating ice cream first! Shout out to Naughty Boys Rolled Ice Cream which was the best! @naughtyboys

Yeah for adult time!

Another completely positive moment that happened was that we were able to pair up with a wonderful family from this area to help support Down Syndrome. A friend from work contacted me about a family that wanted to sell mismatched socks in a store for Down Syndrome Awareness Day, which happens to be today, 3/21. The makers of these particular mismatched socks is Pals. Pals thoughts behind these socks is that when we are open to new and different experiences, life is a lot more beautiful. This resonated within me and made me realize that this was an opportunity for us not just wear mismatched socks for down syndrome but for everyone who is unique and different. That being said, in the near future, Pals socks will have a permanent home at Rustic Corner. Encouraging everyone to embrace differences and celebrate being unique.

So cute!

So happy Down Syndrome Awareness day! We are all rocking mismatched socks today as a family. Even if you are not blessed to personally know someone with down syndrome, I’m sure you are blessed to know someone else uniquely different. Rock your socks for them!

The boys are wearing their Pals socks! Burger and Fries, Cookies and Milk!

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