Making Moments Count…

The past few days have been catch up days here in the Bohlman house. They have been spent washing dishes, laundry and snotty noses. Both boys came down with quite the nasty cold in the last few days and we have been riding the struggle bus all week. I haven’t minded though, sometimes it is nice to just sit, watch movies and snuggle. It takes patience though. It takes putting down the dishes or laundry that needs to be done and slowing down. Making a conscious effort to not let the frustration bust through and to breathe. Thankfully, I have not gotten sick and hopefully it stays that way!

I did want to share a little with all of you about a very special woman that I have gotten to know in the past 4 years that I have spent in the Bohlman family, Grandma Bohlman or “Great Gram” as she is called by our boys. Grandma Bohlman is one special lady. She happened to live right in town, not too far from us. The boys and I tried to visit every Wednesday morning for play time with Gram. Her and Ollie would trade doctor visit stories which almost always ended with them agreeing that Ollie’s doctor seemed to be much more fun than hers. We would catch up on her latest gallivanting, trips to the fabric store or lunches with the church ladies. As we would chat, the boys would inevitably destroy her apartment one room at a time. She graciously would just say that they were free to do as they liked.

Every spring the butterflies would bloom at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens and that is where you could find us. It was always a glorious outing with our boys and Gram. She would hold the book of butterfly pictures and Ollie would try to spot them all. Afterwards, we would finish our adventure with dinner out wherever she would choose. This year was no exception.

In December of 2018 Gram was diagnosed with cancer and spent some time in the hospital. After a few weeks she was sent home to do some more recovery. As time went on, Gram grew sicker and her pain grew worse. By the end of March, she was back in the hospital. Ethan and I had the opportunity of being with her the night before she passed. We were able to say our goodbyes and let her know that we loved her. That next morning we told our Ollie that Great Gram had gone to Heaven. Without of moment of hesitation our sweet boy says, ” Great Gram is going to be a great angel.” He is so right. Grandma is where she needs to be. As I processed that fact, I walked down the hallway into the boys’ room. Declan sat in his crib, flooded with the most beautiful sunshine pouring through their windows. It was if Gram was saying, “I am here in Heaven and it is beautiful”. As I snuggled Declan, I felt an immense sense of peace come over me.

Celebrating Declan’s 1st Birthday!

Later that week, we all sat around the table swapping Grandma stories. As I listened, I was so grateful that we had our memories with Great Gram. Now, Declan won’t remember but Ollie will. He will have memories to share and hand made gifts from Gram.

Visiting us at the store! Grandma made a lot of bibs for this drooly man!

Now I am not one to open up in person. I don’t give speeches or sing at funerals but I write. As I am sitting here today, the tears have finally come. Wednesdays won’t be as exciting as they used to be but I am so glad that we had them while we did. So think about who you share your days with and the memories that you make. You never know just how many more opportunities you will have to make them.

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  1. Always enjoy the real and the delightful of your blog.


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