Happy Thursday everyone! If you are in the state of Michigan, we are sick of the rain too! Here is hoping for sunshine tomorrow! Small update about Ollie. We were able to get an appointment for University of Michigan on May 17th! God has been keeping the ball rolling and we are very excited. Ollie started the Sirolimus last week, so today was our first blood draw in a while. I couldn’t have been prouder of him. He didn’t cry at all or scream which is tremendous progress!

Our adventure from this week! A little chilly but tons of fun!

If you follow the blog, you may remember a post about anxiety a while ago. Since then I have been making progress with recognizing triggers as well as learning new coping mechanisms. What I have learned in the past few months is that, I can handle the mornings with the boys. It is after nap time that the sense of urgency to accomplish a task rises as the level of patience plummets. Recognizing this, I try to find places for the boys and I to go. Often it is a trip to MomMom’s or a visit to the store to drive Ethan crazy! This summer I wanted to try something a little different.

Eighth Ave. Park

We have started what I call, The Bohlman Park Adventure. Each week, we embark on our quest to find a new park to play at. So far we have made it to Hager Park, Rosewood Park, Froggy Park and Eighth Avenue Park. There is no repeating so I will have to keep you all updated on our progress! Ollie has truly loved it so far. We have explored fallen trees, skipped rocks in ponds and explored every inch of the castle at Hager Park. It has taught them new skills with climbing and observation as well as just good old fashion fun!

Froggy Park over by Metro Health!
Hager Park in Jenison
Every great adventure comes with great snacks right?? Hager Park

Breaking our from our every day mold is so important. I find it super easy to get stuck in the pattern of doing the same things every day. That in itself becomes exhausting. I know personally, when I get stuck in a rut, feelings of depression and anxiety start to creep in. Pushing outside of your boundaries is a good thing. It is helpful in so many ways! Fresh air and sunshine are truly the best medicine. So plan a new adventure this week. Go outside of your comfort zone, help yourself grow a little. I would love to hear about your adventures! Or even ideas on parks near you!

Adventure time!

One last note for you all: May 15th is Lymphatic Malformation Day! Ollie will be at the store with Ethan for a few hours in the morning helping out behind the counter. For that day our family will be wearing our Pals socks or mismatched socks to support the differences in all of us! We are all unique in our own way but lets still be friends right! If you are interested in in buying a pair of socks, we do have a wide variety for kids as well as a few designs for adults at the store.

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