4 and counting…

Good Morning everyone! I’m writing a little earlier today than I usually do because Ethan and I are on a date day! Ahhhh so exciting I know! So our first stop today is Wildroast coffee in Grandville. It has become my new favorite place to just take a moment for myself and breathe in the coffee shop aromas. As as write my blog…… I’m writing in a coffee shop! Who am I?!?! I don’t know but I am loving it! Simply lovely!

To start off, I just wanted to thank everyone who supported Ollie man yesterday for Lymphatic Malformation day! He had a blast being a working man with Ethan at the store and got his wiggles out at Ferrand Park, which is our new park for the week. It it truly a neighborhood park, nestled back from the road in an oasis of towering oak trees. We met the nicest kids and had a blast racing down slides! Definitely a park to keep in our rotation for sure! We also made it to Maplewood park this week too. It is a wonderful place with splash pad, playground and a beautiful lake that the boys and I were able to hike around. At first, this park adventure was for my boys. It has slowly turned into my own oasis of adventure. It has definitely helped me get my exercise in!

Rocking our mismatched socks for Ollie! Thanks Poppop for hanging out with us!
Ferrand Park
So much fun! – Ferrand Park
Guys! Look how big he is getting! Ahh! – Ferrand Park
Maplewood Park in Jenison
Maplewood Park
Peek a boo! – Maplewood Park

So the reason behind today’s date, is that Ethan and I shared our 4 year anniversary last week on the 9th. We shared a wonderful day together celebrating with our boys. We started our adventure by hitting some of our favorite thrift shops downtown Grand Rapids. From there, Ollie went to preschool at the Healing Center and the three amigos headed to Madcap Coffee on Fulton St. What a beautiful place! Now going to a coffee shop with an almost two year old is a little trying but we made the best of it. Lets just say that Ethan and I didn’t get as much of our cookie as we had wanted! After we picked up Ollie, we made our way down Wealthy street. We began at the Counting House and ended up at Mokaya chocolate shop. With it’s wide variety of chocolate goodies, we were in heaven! The boys charmed their way into the owners heart, earning them free ice cream. Where they get that skill, I can only assume from Ethan! That brings us back to today! Ethan surprised me with Tigers tickets! Ever since we got married, I have been wanting to go to a game with my man. Today is the day and I am so excited!

Madcap Coffee. Doesn’t that look divine!?!?! Don’t worry, it tasted divine too!
Cookie thief!!- Madcap Coffee
Farm week at Children’s Healing Center. The boys got to meet Min Min!
Mokaya Chocolate shop
Mini volcanos for the win. I think they thought the name was the coolest thing ever!

I will have to share more about the rest of our day next time because if we do not leave this marvelous coffee shop soon, we will definitely miss the game! Have a wonderful Thursday and don’t forget that every moment could be an adventure if you let it!

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