Sweet Summer Time!

Ollie Update: The infection has gone away!!! Ollie is on his last day of antibiotics today and for that he is very excited. He never has a problem taking medication but he also never fails to remind us that it doesn’t taste very good! Overall, he seems back to his happy self.

Happy Thursday everyone! It looks like we are finally into summer time! Hallelujah! The boys and I have been enjoying our time outside and the house definitely reflects it! Laundry and dishes are for rainy days right!?!

The past two days the boys have been in their suits by 9:45 and filling up the pool. They have a blast as they water the flowers, the car or each other . A few days ago we were able to make it over to the Critter Barn in Zeeland. It is a wonderful place for children to go and see multiple different kinds of animals. The farm works on a donation basis so there is no specific entrance fee. Declan loved the bunnies. He enjoyed petting them and tried to take one home! Ollie held a little chick for the first time this season and managed not to drop it!

Fun with cousins!
So excited!
Mommom and her grand babies!

I was even able to have an outing with my best friend this past week. Hillsong United is a christian band from Australia that I absolutely love. They were downtown Grand Rapids this past week for a concert. To feel the whole stadium come together in worship is such a raw experience. It was a wonderful reminder that we do serve a very powerful God who meets you in the dirt and offers His hand to lift you up.

This concert was a wonderful birthday surprise! We waited 6 months for this!

Guys, I am just going to be real for a minute. I didn’t feel like writing today and I feel like you all can tell. The flow in the first part of this blog is terrible. To be honest, trying to come on here and share about all of the fun things that we have done in the past few weeks, feels exhausting. My heart isn’t in it today. Yesterday, I had one of the worst anxiety attacks that I have had in a while. I couldn’t catch my breath and I couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. For me, that is the most frustrating thing of it all. I can be making it at one minute and feel totally overwhelmed at another. I was able to call a friend and she was able to come spend the better part of the morning/ afternoon with us. Just the thought of someone coming, my heart rate slowed, my breathing came back down to normal and I could function for my boys. We went on to have a wonderful day filled with sun kissed cheeks and sticky fingers.

Blessed to have a sweet friend who leaves judgement at the door and brings grace and kindness into our lives!

I feel like it all comes down to repressing emotions. It has been a crazy couple of weeks and things just keep building up before I can sort them all out. I feel like I should be able to handle this all a little better but it’s a slow process and apparently I’m a slow learner. So thank you for baring with me. For anyone working through something, it is never going to be a quick fix. It is going to take months of working on it, sometimes sliding back a little bit to in turn fight your way back again.

So I need your thoughts and prayers as I keep processing this part of myself. Sharing it with you all already takes the load off a little bit to know that maybe someone reads this and finds it helpful. If anything, our boys will certainly know how to help a crying momma. Ollie was the sweetest yesterday, bringing me water and tissues. He assured me that with a hug and a kiss I should feel much better! Declan just attacks with bear hugs and keeps on rolling!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

4 thoughts on “Sweet Summer Time!

  1. Kelly Lundberg June 27, 2019 — 6:22 pm

    Hang in there! I love following your posts and pray for your family. Anxiety is a real thing and I’m so glad you could call a friend to come and be with you. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Once my sister in law left work for half the day to just come and sit with me when I was at home with young children and just couldn’t face the day alone. You are not alone in your thoughts and feelings!


    1. Thank you Kelly! Its so nice to know that others go through the same experiences. Its hard to talk about sometimes but i feel better just getting it off my chest.


  2. always enjoy the real Hannah !


  3. I understand how you feel. Anxiety is very hard. I have a panic/ anxiety issue. But I also find that talking about it relieves some of it. Hope you feel better soon.


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