Leaving a Legacy of Love…

Cousin Camp. Those two little words mean the world to Ollie. Next year they will probably mean the world to Declan too when he fully understands their meaning. But to Ollie, Cousin Camp means all 16 cousins and MomMom and PopPop in one place for two whole days!

Sunday Devotions before heading off to the lake!

My parents have a tradition of getting all of the grandkids together once a summer for camp. This usually occurs in their back yard with daily excursions to fun places. This year, Ethan and I were the parent chaperones. So we were able to join in on the crazy too! Which I love, because it is a wonderful time to reconnect with my nieces and nephews.

Kids were super excited to have their parent supervise……….
Straight up crazy sauce!!!

For two whole days, we played together, ate together, and rested together. The bigs helped the littles and the littles taught the bigs to see the simple joys in life again. They learned the art of working as a team, sharing and caring for each other. The girls chatted over art projects while the boys hammered away at the next table making masterpieces to bring home. My parents flitted between groups, getting to know each one of their grand kids just a little bit better. We saw the angst in some and quiet spirit of others. Things that simply aren’t noticed at a family birthday party or get together.

Lake time!
The kids cooked their own breakfast! Can you spot the kid stealing eggs from the carton?? Umm, yeah that is Declan!
Movie time!
They were all out here about an hour early… just waiting for the movie to start!!

As I sat back and watched, I couldn’t help but be so grateful to my parents. They are creating memories for my boys that will last them a lifetime. They will always remember what it felt like to go to cousin camp. A time to be completely surrounded by family, eat to your hearts desire and play until you literally drop into bed. (But for real though, the food never stopped coming!!) The amount of prep work my parents put in to create something so amazing is astronomical!

Camp fire crew!
One tired MomMom but still pouring out the love!

So thank you Mom and Dad! Thank you for caring enough about your grandkids to provide them with this time. A time to get to know their grandparents, cousins and even get to know themselves a little better. Thank you for instilling amazing work ethic, positive attitudes and adventurous spirits into our kids! You are more of a blessing than you could possibly know!

Craft time!
Park time at Douglas Walker Park!
Early morning stretch!

Seeing the joy and excitement from all of the kids makes me excited to carry on this tradition for my own family. Thank You Mom and Dad! Can’t wait to send the boys next year!

1 thought on “Leaving a Legacy of Love…

  1. What a blessing! I believe this is a wonderful tradition I’d like to do with my future grandkids!

    Also this camp was the last before the first cousin goes off to college. Things will start to change a bit as the cousins grow. The memories built are priceless.


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