Looking forward…

Ollie Update: Just wanted to quick share where we are with Ollie. The summer has been hard with keeping Ollie’s medication levels steady. It seems that every time that we have gotten labs, his levels are too low in his system. Every week we have increased his dose. His labs came back this week and his levels have doubled. That was not what we were hoping for. Slow and steady is much better, when he increases too fast, his body has a hard time adjusting. This leads to many meltdowns and attitude problems. He is on the very high end of where his doctors want him to be so we are hoping that he levels out this week and we can keep this dosing. Please keep us in your prayers, next week Tuesday, we will be meeting his new doctor at Helen Devos.

This man bike his way to the park! He could not have been more happy!

Alright! Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you all have had a great two weeks. We have been busy, busy, busy in our house! Why? Ethan and I have been gearing up for our favorite events of the year! Flea Season! I love being at a flea, working with our staff and seeing all of the joy filled faces as people wander around. For the most part, what we bring to our fleas has mainly been made in our home. Loved on by our boys and been made with love.

Our first flea of the season is next week! The Found Cottage Mercantile Market is almost here and we are so excited! The amount of talented vendors is off the charts! Between furniture, antiques, home decor, clothing and food, there is literally something for everyone. The food though, that is my favorite part. The Petite Fleet carries THE BEST lemonade a person could ask for. I am pretty sure that Ethan and I both consume about three each!

We wanted to give you all a little sneak peek at some of the gems that will be making their debut at the flea next week. First, these concrete pumpkins. Ethan and I loved making these things! There is nothing better than getting down and dirty to create something exceptional. Not going to lie, this is one of the funnest projects that we have made. These are also available to order, so if we run out at the flea, please feel free to order a set. They come in groups of three, two or just as singles.

Our sweater pumpkins were another joy to make. The boys helped fill and picked out stems from our own back yard to make these complete. Whenever we make merchandise, we try to appeal to every style of home. With multiple types of fabric and color, there is literally a pumpkin for everyone!

Stump and block pumpkins… catching a theme here? Pumpkin patch it is! With our wooden pumpkins, they are all made out of salvaged barn wood. This makes each one uniquely different. With a variety of height, color, stems and leaves, the possibilities are endless.

Love the bark that was left on these! Those beams were some of the main structural beams holding up the hay loft in the barn we were able to salvage!

That is all we wanted to share today. To see the real expanse of what is at the flea, feel free to come visit us next Friday and Saturday! Ethan and I will both be there on Saturday to see you all!

Oh the colors of Fall!

This is not the only flea that we will be in this season. You can find us at both the Farmgirl events, Fall as well as Christmas at Countryside! So please come see us and don’t forget to say hi!

1 thought on “Looking forward…

  1. This year will be my first to go to the Found Cottage market. Can’t wait! See you there!


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