Catching Up…

Happy Thursday! I wanted to begin today with a huge thank you to all of you who supported us this past weekend! You all showed up in force at the store as well as at The Found Cottage Mercantile Market! It meant a lot to both Ethan and I and it was so much fun to finally meet some of you in person. It’s not often that I am at the forefront of the store. I prefer to hide behind the blog and our media postings but it was so fun to hear from some of you who read the blogs! I always love to share about Ollie and hear any of your own personal stories with medical advice. Even if it might not seem like a certain treatment could help Ollie, treatments can always be adapted in some way.

Our crew from Saturday! My dad has helped us the past few years and we always look forward to having him! As well as my best friend, Beth, finds the time to help us out too!
Ethan’s sister Mary and his best friend Ben! We love shows because we get to hang out with our favorite people all day!

Last week was a busy one for us. We met with Ollie’s new specialist and we are very encouraged! Her name is Candy and we actually have worked with her in the past so she knew us and Ollie. After our meeting with her, she was already speaking about Ollie to the team of doctors at Helen Devos to try to come up with a solution for us to be able to make it out to Boston. She was all over University of Michigan to get notes and get a plan started. I cried. It was like she could see the exhaustion written all over my face in the office and knew we needed back up. It was the first time we felt like we had someone fighting with us rather than against us! Praise the Lord!

We are so fortunate to own our own business so that we can have flexible schedules so that Ethan can be a part of these appointments too. He is my backbone to push for results and my shoulder to cry on when things seem impossible.

Declan also had his two year old well check last week. He is doing wonderful and right on track. It has been so fun to see him grow the past few months. He has been learning a lot of new words as well as stringing full sentences together. His favorite saying at the moment is “Declan don’t like it”. As funny as it sounds in his little voice, it is quite frustrating since Declan declares that a lot! His favorite activities are vrooming around the house with his trucks and scaling the pantry shelves for opened containers. He loves to snuggle and read books, which has become one of our favorite past times.

His “blanket” happens to be my sweater which I love wearing because I get an abundance of hugs whenever I do!

Today, we met with Ollie and Declan’s preschool teachers at the Children’s Healing Center. How crazy right?! It is so fun that since Declan will be two next week (I’m not crying….), he is able to join in on the fun with Ollie. The boys have been so into crafts and creating the past week that I know they will have such a wonderful time reading, creating and making memories together. Ethan and I are excited to have a few hours of down time each week to explore coffee shops and get some paperwork done all the while knowing that the boys are having a blast! So if you have some suggestions about which shops to hit up, let us know! Or bakery’s, I’m all about that butter.

Dinner table, craft table, office and imagination station! We found that bench at one of the barn sales at Maple Acres Farm. Thanks Jessica! We love it. It has been perfect for Declan!

This time of year begins the busy season for us. It means birthdays, holidays, shows and sales at the store. In all of that it seems impossible to have a minute to slow down for a minute. To enjoy the quiet moments and listen to the crickets at night. We have to though. Just a few minutes to recharge is sometimes all that I need to keep going and get through my day. Just this passed Tuesday, we shipped Ethan off to the store and the boys and I relaxed. Like all day! Declan wasn’t feeling well so he laid on top of me for the first two hours of our morning. Ollie crafted and we watched a movie. It was marvelous! I was having a hard time functioning after the show on Friday and Saturday. It was like God told me that all I needed to do at that moment was to love on my babies and take time. It was wonderful for me, I was able to have the energy to help Ethan with the last of the fall set up later that evening. It was good for my boys to have their momma and to actually have her full attention. Declan has made a full recovery and is doing great now!

The doctor ordered a day of rest!

So as we embark on another crazy week in the Bohlman house, we would love your prayers. I need to be in contact with U of M again to set up another appointment with a different department. Hopefully this leads to the results that our doctor needs. If you could all pray for kind words, opens schedules and patience, that would be amazing. We are also going to be prepping for another show at the end of September. I was not able to get the time off from the hospital so Ethan will be on his own for this one. It is always hard to teach others the art of design especially in a show setting where there are no walls to work with. So he will be needing some patience as well! Thank you all in advance! I know some of you are fierce prayer warriors and we LOVE that! Have a wonderful rest of your week! Talk soon!

We also found time to squeeze in some family pictures last week too!

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  1. From your lips to God’s ears. Prayers on their way for smooth sailing.


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