Teaching by example…

Ollie Update: If you haven’t heard our news yet, Ollie’s rejection letter came from University of Michigan!! We weren’t really sure that we would get a letter since our appointment went pretty terribly, but it came in the mail! Ollie’s specialist at Helen Devos called us right away to let us know the good news! It seems so crazy to be excited about being rejected but hopefully this will finally get the ball rolling for us to travel back to Boston. As of right now, there are no plans for travel but we see Ollie’s specialist towards the end of this month. I’m sure we will chat about it then! Thank you all for your abundance of support as well as your prayers. We are surrounded by fierce prayer warriors for sure! After this next appointment I will be sure to update again.

As I sat alone in the car, the slow rumblings of what could be none other than a train reached my ears. I straightened and craned my neck side to side to see the first glimpse of the engine. Whipping my head around, as if to tell the boys to look, I remembered they were at school. Feeling a little sad that they were missing it, I felt the cold swoosh of the car door opening. “Honey, look! Did you see that train go by. It was super long and even had a second engine in the center to keep it chugging along.” Ethan looked at me bug eyed as he held a table top. “Could you maybe get the other door for me”. A little exasperated that he was not seeing the awesomeness that I had just experienced, I huffed my way to the back of the van to help him load the rest of the table legs.

We finished loading and hopped back into the car to speed home to unload before picking the boys back up. “Honey, that second engine was so cool. I have never seen anything like it!” Ethan slowly turned his head to look at me with amusement glinting in his eyes. ” Ya know, I always thought it was the boys who got super excited about the trains. Now I know that they just get excited because you do.” As I thought about that for a second, my first response was “You know trains are pretty awesome right?”

Now every time that I point something out to our boys in my super animated “Mom is excited voice”, I have to stop to think, is this just for my enjoyment or for theirs? 99% of the time, it is for me and I just hope that if I get excited enough, they will get excited too. Life is too short not to get joy from the giant worm creeping along the side walk or pointing out every plane zooming across the sky. If we don’t get excited to see the little joys in life, the bigger joys just don’t have as much sparkle as they should. Have you ever noticed that?

Enjoying a slow Sunday after working hard at the Farmgirl Flea!

So yes, I get overly excited about trains, bugs and flowers. We dance like lunatics to kids songs so that our kids know that it is okay to be goofy and to be themselves. They go on every work related errand that we can possibly take them to so that they realize that if you work hard, we can play hard too. We teach them every day, all day long. Whether we realize it or not, they are sponges, taking in every move, reaction and emotion. It is also up to us to see where they are at. Investigate those interests. If it’s a bug week, we go tromping. Flipping rocks and splashing in puddles. A few weeks ago, it was paper planes. Hours of paper planes…………… Paper planes all over my house, I’m still finding them in crooks and crannies, in the couch and under beds. But Ollie can make a paper plane now.


Now we are on to rocket ships, blasting off through space to visit MomMom in New York or Auntie Beth in her castle. That comes from the boys watching us too, being creative. They see Ethan cut wood, drill here, drill there and bam! New counter or table to bring to the store. Ollie is forever dragging things out of our trash to cut, glue and color. I have never seen an oatmeal container look so good! We haven’t hit the days yet where he wants to sell his creations at the store but I’m sure those days are coming! Maybe by the time he is ready to part with them, they will be made out of something a little more durable!

His rocket ship Ethan helped him make!

So the next time you hear your favorite song or notice your favorite flower. Stop and enjoy them. Do a little wiggle or stuff your face in a flower to get every last wisp of fragrance. Life is too short and rather boring if you are only waiting for monumental moments to enjoy. Also realize that if others see you living every moment, they are more likely to live it too! Because who doesn’t like flowers, bugs, planes and trains?

Thanks Mom for this beautiful shot!

Hope this brought some joy this week. It might be getting colder and the leaves are making their journey to the ground but next time you see one, pick it up. Look at the veins running through them and the morphing of color. The boys always find it exceptional when they find one with greens, reds and yellows on it. Happy Thursday and oh yeah, Happy October!

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