Exciting news!

Happy Halloween! I wanted to start off by saying thank you all for your prayers for Ollie’s appointment last week. We had a great chat with his specialist and we decided to petition to insurance for exactly what we wanted last time, consults in Boston. The reason we wanted consults first is that we would like to talk to these doctors again to see if surgery is really the option that we should be pursuing or if being on his medicine is the better option. I officially heard back yesterday from the office saying the insurance approved our appointments!!!! This is huge! This officially opens the door for us to not just have appointments there but also surgery if need be. It honestly still brings tears to my eyes. An entire years worth of work has finally come together and Ethan and I couldn’t be happier!

Tracks galore!

We are not sure when we will be heading back to Boston for those consults but we are hoping for in the new year. Heading out there at Christmas time last year was insane and kind of threw our whole Holiday celebrations into a whirlwind. So in the mean time we will be working to solidify those appointment dates, book plane tickets and find a place to stay. It feels like de ja vu of last year at this time! We told Ollie that we would be heading back out to Boston to see his doctors again and he was thrilled! More for the toy room at our house we stayed at but still!

Picking elevators to see which one will open first. Papa won this time!

For all of you that have prayed us through this journey, do a little jig with me please. You have worked hard, those knees in those jeans are worn out and we love you all. God could not have given us a better community to raise our boys in and to be supported by.

Waiting can be hard sometimes at appointments!

Now that you have gotten your dancing exercises in for the day, settle back in and let me tell you a little bit about our Fall here at the Bohlman house. Growing up Ethan and I never celebrated Halloween. Instead, our families would do harvest celebrations complete with special pizza nights, bobbing for apples, and of course the buying of pumpkins. Ethan’s family would take it to the extreme with a completely orange dinner which we had this passed Sunday. So fun! As we have started our own traditions with our boys, we have become a trick or treating household. Now here in West Michigan I feel like there is a pretty good balance between families that do and families that don’t. What do you and your family do?

Park adventures with the best photographer! Thanks Ollie!

Our family spends the evening with my brother and his family. It is a time of good food, dressing up and trick or treating together. Ollie gets excited to dress up and spend time with his cousins. This year his request was to be a glow in the dark man and our little Declan will be a scarecrow. Pictures will definitely be up on the next blog! That is if this Mom gets her work done and finishes the costumes!

Ethan created this beautiful mantle for me!

What else do you do to celebrate fall? The boys and I have really loved heading over to our park for walks in the leaves. To me, it is all about slowing them down enough to show them the patterns and to see how the colors morph from one to another on a single leaf. Have you ever picked up a leaf to see the veins still green, the tips red and the inside a vibrant yellow? God is good is He not? After the forth leaf, the boys are no longer interested as the slides have gained their attention but if we start them now, hopefully they will appreciate it in the future.

This is his favorite thing to do. He finds a spot just the right size for him!

For me, it was always hard to enjoy fall with the ever impending doom of winter around the corner. I love the snow and the way it makes the whole world sparkle but from the inside of my cozy home. So this year, I have really tried to get excited about the colors and crisp air. We have tried to get out daily to find treasures and yesterday to lick snow flakes from our noses. Pumpkin carving has not yet occurred and we might just miss it this year but who knows, I have until Thanksgiving right?

The pumpkins have made it to the porch though!

Applesauce making is another activity on my check list. Ethan has cleared out an area in our basement for me to start putting canned goods so I had better start canning! Declan hasn’t had the applesauce making experience yet and I so want it to happen. My parents have the process down to a science with stations all around their kitchen. I have so many fond memories growing up of us all working together. It might just be Dad, if I can talk him into in, this year as my mom is heading back to her home town tomorrow to take care of my grandma. For all of you prayer warriors out there, we need you. My grandma is not doing well and is currently in ICU. I will be able to share more next time as Mom will be able to keep me updated.

Sweet ladies!

I would love to hear about your fall traditions! Are you a canning family? Orchard goers or pumpkin patch people? Do you have a secret apple pie recipe that is to die for? As Ethan and I continue to create our own traditions I am ever curious about how others spend their Holiday season! Have a wonderful two weeks. If you are heading out tonight, stay warm and stay safe!

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