Lets get down to business…

Hi everyone! Happy day after Christmas! I am enjoying the sunshine and the 60 degree weather that Michigan is having today! Anyone else in Holiday Hangover mode? It’s a real thing, for sure. But never the less, a parents job is never over and there is work to be done. But before we get into that, I wanted to share about our Christmas.

Ollie wouldn’t cooperate for anything…. oh well right?

We enjoyed our Christmas celebrations this week with both sides of the family. The boys had a blast with cousins, nerf gun wars and button bursting amounts of food. We kept it simple this year with our focus being more about spending time with the boys than about the amount of gifts they received. It took a load off of us as parents and is keeping us creative with our giving. This year we surprised the boys with a bounce house that I borrowed from a friend. We could hardly get them out of it to eat their breakfast! Ollie has since invited over every cousin that he has, to come bounce with him!

Bounce house fun! They would have lived here all day if we didn’t have other parties to get to.

Now that Christmas is over though, does anyone else feel the need to step up their game and get things done? I feel like over the past week, my home has become a mess, there are projects left undone and the laundry could swallow Declan and we wouldn’t find him for a week. Ethan ripped apart my closet this morning as well as the laundry closet in order to get more organized. The whole ripping out process brings more anxiety that I would like to admit and it seems like the mess quadruples in size before there is light at the end of the tunnel. But progress is being made. That is what I focus on. Sometimes it takes completely gutting something and starting over to see the real potential.

Stocking time! Excuse the mess behind the men!

How do you do projects at your house? For me I like to clean the space, prepare the tools and make sure we have what we need before beginning. Ethan, on the other hand, jumps in both hammers swinging and the job comenses! What a pair we make huh?!

Lego Time!

My ultimate goal for these projects is to make the everyday processes more simple. Our laundry room quickly becomes a dumping ground for odds and ends whenever we need to quickly stash things when guests arrive. And then they stay, make a nest and never leave! Our bedroom as well. Why is it that our boys clothes get neatly placed in the right bin but then my own clothes get thrown hap hazard into the closet. Mostly that happens at the end of a long day and piles need to move from our bed into the closet before they become an honorary blanket. So organization is happening today and I am so excited. Putting a space to order has a calming effect for me, it puts my brain at rest. Do simple tasks put your mind at ease? Empty kitchen sinks and clean toy rooms are a balm to my soul!

Nerf gun war time! Cousins make the best teammates!

Next on our list is the basement. It has been a mess since we moved in and periodically we make pretty good headway on it. When we first moved in, we had to completely gut it and start over. No room is completely finished but our hope in the future is to make it workable space for our business as well as our home. For those of you with home offices, we would love some advice about how you stay organized. But for now I think we will stick to these projects and hopefully next time I can have some pictures of the complete make over for you!

The boys decorated cookies with Grandma on Christmas Eve!

So for all of you suffering from holiday hangover and for us who have the intense need to clean, take it one step at a time. Focus on one area to begin with, and slowly move from there. As you go, keep in mind how the space is being used and what items are most important. And always remember, the mess always gets worse before it gets better!

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