Happy ‘Hoodie Hoo’ Day to You!

Hi everyone! I wanted to chat today about celebrations since we just went through Valentines day. Do you celebrate the smaller days like Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s or Leap day?

I feel like with Valentine’s Day there is a lot of angst against not celebrating because “nobody can tell me when I should celebrate the one I love”. Really?? Guys, come on. Since when did chocolate, cards and telling those you love them, become a bad thing?

In our family we have decided to celebrate even the smallest of holidays with gusto. Why? Why not? It’s fun and exciting as well as it gives our boys something to look forward to. It is an opportunity to work on heart crafts, pick out Hot Wheels Valentines and take the time to write on paper what your loved one means to you.

Now I understand that most people feel like they share their love with their loved ones everyday and that they don’t need a day to share that. I get that. Ethan shows me love when he washes the dishes, takes the trash out and changes that rank stank diaper. He spends time working on projects with our boys, fixes the broken train and does take downs. None of that circles around chocolate, cards or flowers but it’s nice to get those things every once in a while.

So I guess what I am really saying is that no you don’t need a special day necessarily but don’t choose to pass on celebrations just because you hate the commercial side of it. Instead, choose to make those days special anyway because you just never know how many more days you get with your loved ones to celebrate. So today is Cherry Pie day, Love your pet day and Hoodie Hoo day, whatever that is. Maybe you give your pet some extra snuggles, or in my case, pick my Dad up some pie because it’s his favorite. But whatever you do, celebrate because, it is one more day that your here, one more day that you could be making a difference in someone else’s life!

For all of you wondering, I did look it up and here ya go! The meaning of “Hoodie Hoo” : “On this winter day, people go out at noon, wave their hands over their heads and chant “Hoodie-Hoo”. It is a day to chase away winter blahs, and bring in spring. After all, everyone in the northern hemisphere are sick and tired of winter at this point and a little crazy being cooped up inside all winter and not seeing the sun.” – holidayinsights.com. So quick, get out there and wave those hands, be a little silly and bust a gut!

Ollie Update: Ollie had his clinic appointment this week with his specialists here in Grand Rapids. All of his blood work came back great and his medication levels are within range, so that is amazing. He had a physical done this time to make sure all was well so that he can be sedated for his MRI next week, he passed with flying colors. It was great to chat with his specialist here and know that whatever we need to go forward for Boston, they will help with. At this time, they are deferring to Boston on timing for his surgery. Once the MRI has been completed, I can send that to Boston and hopefully get on the surgery schedule. There is no specific rush for Ollie’s surgery but we were told the sooner the better so we are hoping for this spring/ early summer to be heading back.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and words of encouragement. They are more helpful than you could ever know!

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