Changing our Focus

With all the negativity and panic posting the last few days, I really wanted to encourage you to change the conversation and the focus to something positive.

Schools are out and the kids are home. For many, this means that parents need to also be home to “homeschool” as well as work on their own jobs. For us, our boys have been able to remotely enjoy music and book time with their preschool class. As Ethan and I sat on the couch and watched them sing with their friends, we just looked at one another and smiled. We don’t get the privilege of seeing them interact with their friends or teachers. So this was a gift.

Watching his classmates and teacher for music time this morning!

Limiting our interactions with others. This does not mean that we don’t leave our house. In fact, we take daily walks and talk to many of our neighbors on the way. They see us coming and come out to their porches to have a laugh as Ollie tells a joke or chuckle at the fact that Declan can hardly see out of his oversized hat that he loves. They share about their day and the boys tell them about whatever science project we worked on earlier.

Learning new things. The boys and I have done more crafts and science experiments this past week than we have done probably ever. We are making sugar crystals, creating butterflies and watching chemical reactions all from our little kitchen. Watching them get so excited to create something with their own hands, is a gift.

Using water colors to paint coffee filters to make Butterflies!

Spending time as a family. The boys have “mastered” Guess Who, where Declan continues to ask if Ollie has a person with blue hair and purple eyes (we are working on it) as well as story time at dinner. The boys have created some crazy tales of coffee machine crushing butterflies and giant robots that reach into space. We have watched all of the Herbie car series on Disney+ in cuddle puddles, because is there any other way to spend family movie night?

Making play doh together. Have you tried the Kool Aid recipe? It makes delicious smelling play doh!

Rethinking our business. Ethan and I have had to get creative on ways to bring our store to you at home. We have always done the basics for online advertising but now are having to rely solely on it to keep our business alive. We are learning, evolving and having a blast doing it. It is scary, not knowing how long this will last but it has forced to try new things for Rustic Corner. Things that will only help our business in the future.

One way to see what we have at the store is to go to our home page on Instgram. We are keeping all of our posted items under the “Items for Sale” button for you to see.

Learning new things about one another. Limiting our busyness has let me as a mom pick up on things I was missing before. For instance, Ollie loves couscous. I mean LOVES it. The kid could eat plates of it alone. I didn’t know this. We rarely serve it but since our Aldi was out of rice, we decided to try something different. Good thing we did. Declan is a singing bug. Today during music time, he sang every song with his teacher. He knew all the words and sings them loud with his little chest all puffed out so proud.

Working on loving eachother!

So yes, life if different but life is good. It does us no good to get caught up on what we cannot change. So enjoy your family, enjoy your home. Reach out to neighbors, not literally, come on people! But if you need to go to the store, check in with your elderly neighbors before you go. They might need something. Or they might just want to talk for a minute. Don’t let this time exclude you from others. If you need to, video chat your friends for dinner or watch the same movie at the same time. It might sound ridiculous but it will do your heart good.

Boston Update: We received a surgery date for May 7th! It is kind of bittersweet as none of us know what our world will look like in May but we are trying to make plans as if everything is ok. We had hoped to put on a fundraiser before we left to help with travel and living expenses while we are there but that does not seem possible at this point in time. But what we could use right now is prayer. Planning has kind of become impossible with so many unknowns so please pray that if this is the right time for us to be in Boston with Ollie that God will pave the way for us. As we get closer we will keep you updated with any new plans. Thank you!

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