Doing what we can…

Hi everyone! I know the last few weeks have been tough but I am so glad to be back here writing to you. Today, I am in our new home office! Our business is about 5 years old and we finally just created a space in our home for all of our paperwork! It’s about time right? I will show pictures next time because we are still in the process of getting organized but man does it feel good. Ethan and I now have a quiet space to come to and it feels amazing. The walls are a little bare though so we are going to work on that in the coming weeks.

A lot of you have reached out to check on us. We are doing ok. With Rustic Corner shut down for the time being, that leaves us with my paycheck alone, which is not much. But we are doing what we can and we are taking life one day at a time. People have asked why we are not doing curb side pick up or shipping to customers. We are currently working on a shipping platform but we are starting something from scratch and that takes time. For curb side pick up- we were told to stay home. To have people coming to the store every day is not wise and makes us vulnerable to getting a huge fine. Thank you for understanding and just know that we are doing what we can. There is a steep learning curve for us here and we appreciate your patience.

This is one way to help. Gift cards sales are a true blessing for us and something for you to look forward to later!

We do have a prayer request for you all. Last week I received a phone call from Boston Children’s about Ollie’s surgery. Our insurance denied everything again. Boston submitted the paperwork twice and we were denied twice. No reasoning other than the fact that we are out of network. So that was beyond frustrating and we are still working on it. But Boston Children’s has offered to put in an application for a pro bono surgery for Ollie, in other words, they would take care of all expenses. That application takes about 70 days in order to get through the right channels but that has pushed back his surgery until June 16th. Which with all that has been going on, we weren’t exactly too mad about it. So please keep us in your prayers regarding that, it would be beyond amazing knowing that everything would be taken care of. Right now I am working toward getting Ollie and myself free or reduced flights through Angel Flight Mid Atlantic and that would take a huge financial burden away as well.

Family dinner time! The boys set the table, hence the dinosaur napkins! Ethan made us an epic dinner and is now voted in to be chef of this house!

With all that being said, daily Ethan and I ask ourselves if we need to postpone Ollie’s surgery indefinitely. It is right for us to travel during this time? Will we even have the financial basis to go in June? If quarantine is still in effect, do we bring Declan with us or have him stay with grandparents? Is there too much of a risk to have a surgery like this during this time? I have broken down more than once in frustration, anger and doubt over the last two weeks with all of the unknowns. We are all in the same boat with “unknowns”. It feels like a looming cloud above us at times but just know that it isn’t permanent. That is what I cling to.

A little bit of sunshine that Ethan brought home to brighten my mood!

In order to shake off some of those anxious feelings and to provide our family with a little escape, we have found refuge at the park by our house. There is a huge sledding hill area that nobody tends to visit so that is where we have spent a few hours of our day, every day, rain or shine. We fly airplanes, climb hills, play soccer or practice our disc golf. It is an area for the boys to roll in the dirt and scream at the top of their lungs! Do you have a place that you have found in your quarantine time? I have found that even standing in the sunshine recharges my batteries a little and brightens my spirits.

The boys are loving having both of us home all the time. They cry on the weekends when I go to work to help fight the “super bug” as they call it. But they are surviving! They love seeing their friends from school on Zoom chats and getting craft supplies in the mail from their teachers. Ollie has gotten pretty good at riding his bike and learning his evasion skills as Declan darts in front of him. Declan has had a harder time in all of this. He doesn’t understand that we can’t go to school or to see his grand parents. So we are working on doing more phone calls and video chats with him. Both boys love checking in on the neighbors as we take our walks. They all tend to come out to their porches to watch Bohlman Entertainment Tonight as we hoot and holler in our yard! Never a dull moment, I tell ya!

Beach day at school!

But how are you all doing? Are your kids doing ok with virtual school? Have you been able to implement a home schedule or is everyday a day at the zoo? Do you need some cheering up? The boys will gladly send you some love through video!

Snuggle time!

Well, I hope you all are doing ok. Just know that you are not alone. We are all in the same boat here and many are more than willing to help. So don’t be afraid ask your neighbor to pick something up from the store for you or be that neighbor who checks in with everyone. We will get through this! Love you all and have a great day!

Oh should I write more to you all during this time? or is once every two weeks plenty from this crazy Bohlman family? Let me know!


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  1. Love reading your blog, sending you hugs & prayers!


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