Catching our Breath

Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well. We have sunshine again today so the day is looking up! I wanted to take some time today just to catch you up on all that is happening with us. It has been a busy week so far but getting back in the store has been a good feeling.

With the Governor’s announcement last Friday, letting us open up for curbside pick up and delivery only, it kind of threw us for a loop. Ethan and I had a few sleepless nights in a row trying to figure out how to make it work and what would be easiest for our customers. All the while trying to create our own website. For those of you who have never worked on making a website, it takes a lot of patience. So props to Ethan because I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago! But we are so excited to take our business to the next level with this website and can’t wait to show you all tomorrow! Within the website you will see different categories featuring certain vendors from Rustic Corner. There is such a wide variety between clothing, food, baby products, and more! I have a feeling you will love it! This is just a base line of products, as time goes on, we will be adding additional products and vendors!

A huge shout out to those of you who have bought items this week! It is a lot of back and forth with messaging and figuring out pick up times but you all have been amazing! We have enjoyed getting back in touch with you all and are excited to see your reactions to products within the store. Some day we will be able to roam the aisles again but for now keep looking at Facebook and Instagram for more products.


Personally, this week has been a struggle. I have gotten so used to having Ethan home and willing to help with the boys (basically spoiled rotten), that I had forgotten what it was like to have him at the store all day. I think the lack of sleep, new routine with online sales and lack of a tag team parenting partner, had me full blown panic attacking in the shower last night. It always happens in the shower. It seems to be my safe place. A place that muffles the sobs, washes the tears and lets be real, the snot down the drain. The warm water hits and the dam opens for full on ugly, shake the whole body crying. I have gotten better at calming myself down but that wasn’t happening last night. So here came my amazing husband, fully clothed into the shower, just to hold me. To tell me that I was ok and that we would get through this time. This time of uncertainty, change and daily frustrations. That we would push our way through and hopefully come out stronger and more successful on the other side.

Much needed outside play time!

It’s times like this one that I am reminded about the amount of stress that everyone has been going through. Rustic Corner is 75% of our families income and the other 25% is what I make at the hospital. I know that many of you are going through the same amount of stress, if not more than what we are facing. It is ok to have a good cry. Release all of those pent up emotions and just take stock of where you are.

For me what has been helping is taking daily walks, rain or shine. Yesterday, we spent a good two hours outside finding worms, splashing in puddles all the while getting soaked to the bone. Time spent outside of our four walls and disconnected from my phone is the best medicine. It helps place things in perspective and gets me breathing fresh air. It truly does wonders for the soul. Although there have been trying times the past few weeks, there have been moments that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

We have started a few new bedtime routines. One of them being listening to stories before bed. Each night (if it’s not too late) the boys listen to an audio book. We were stuck on Frog and Toad for a while there but we have graduated to The Magic Treehouse series. They love getting all snuggled in their beds and listening. I’m sure they would be content for hours but 30 mins is just about it. We also sing together every night. Declan has almost gotten all of the words to Jesus Loves Me and wiggles with excitement as he belts it out. Ollie’s song is You are my Sunshine, a song that he has loved since he was just a tiny babe. I love this time. It is during these moments that the anxiety and stress levels diminish as the joy and peace rise within me.

Still making the effort to get outside, even on those very chilly days!

Have you started any new routines or made outside time more of a priority in the last couple of weeks? Have you found new ways to cope with the rising stress levels or are you doing ok? If you are still figuring it out, just know that it is ok to let the dam break and release those ugly tears. Holding it in isn’t helpful for anyone and will just lead to a more painful explosion later on. Just know that everyone is figuring out a new normal and it’s ok. During this time lets make it a priority to cherish the small victories, be kind to others and make sure to catch your breath.

I feel like I unloaded a lot on you all today but thank you for reading! These blog posts are a way for me to figure out where I am at in my heart as I try putting feelings into words for you. It is a time to take stock in the good as well as the bad so thank you for being a part of my journey! Love you all!

Wearing jeans for the second time during this quarantine, Ethan’s shirt because it’s comfy and bare feet because no one has time for socks or shoes!

3 thoughts on “Catching our Breath

  1. Dawn Lockhart May 1, 2020 — 12:29 am

    My heart melted when you told us how your hubby climbed into the shower fully clothed just to hold you and say everything will be okay. You’ve got a keeper for sure!


  2. I’m holding you tightly right now and I’m also jumping for joy that you’re reopening this week! I’ve bought from your store a few times and I’m missing it as I’m sure so many others are as well. We’re getting through this together! What a wait!!!


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