Celebrate or not to Celebrate?

Hi Everyone! Hope you all have had a good two weeks. The weather has been a little crazy here but we will take whatever sunshine we can get right?! We are now two full weeks into May! How crazy is that? It seems like the days last forever but the weeks fly by in this limbo land of quarantine.

It seems like May is the month that really starts the special events at our house. Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Tulip Time, Lymphatic Malformation Day as well as Ethan and I’s wedding anniversary. To be honest, I feel like I am missing a celebration in there… oh well, you all understand. May is BUSY! So with all of these events, how do we celebrate during this time of “stay home, stay safe”? In many cases, I feel this pressing weight on my shoulders and have not had the desire to celebrate anything. But then the weight seems to feel heavier when the day passes unceremoniously.

So we have decided to celebrate them all with gusto. Our anniversary was on the 9th and it did not disappoint. We played frisbee golf and made it out to Tulip time in Holland, all the while socially distancing ourselves. We had a wonderful time soaking up the sun, listening to the laughter of others and making our own memories.

For Mother’s day, the boys had bought me a flat of petunias. Not knowing what to do with all of these plants, I sent Ethan to the store for pots and soil. We potted the flowers and the boys were delivery men for all of our precious neighbors who we knew would not have the opportunity to go see their families. Our family’s joy and overall spirit sky rocketed as we watched the joy radiate from our neighbors. It gave us a chance to check in on them but also a time for them to share what has been going on in their homes.

I guess what I am saying is that we can still find time to do the normal things in our life and we should. Please keep celebrating. Do it in a way that keeps you safe and however you feel comfortable but celebrate! 2020 may seem like it’s beating you down and you are not alone in that, believe me, but keeping ourselves locked away from the world will do you more harm than good. So please get outside, take a walk in the sunshine. Talk to you family. Find an empty parking lot, pull your cars in a circle and chat from the trunk! But find a way to keep making those connections and checking in on those around you. Just calling, driving by with a wave or sending a sweet treat to someone might just be what they need to make it through the day. So here’s to celebrating, although a little different but sweet just the same!

Washer man, Rinse man and my sweet Mom putting it all away! We had the whole gang working on dishes this day! I just needed help this particular day. Physically and mentally. One call to my mom and here she was willing to help with whatever.



I also wanted to give you all an update on Boston. A number of you have asked about progress and if the surgery was still a go. I spoke with them this morning and they had cancelled all elective surgeries for May but were hoping to open things back up for June. They might move the date back a couple of days but it should still be in June. So we are full speed ahead in our planning.

This little man is just getting sooooo big!!!!

This week we had put in our application for the Ronald McDonald house. Within a few hours I received an email from them saying we were denied since they were fully booked. On a whim I decided to fill out the housing application for Hospitality Homes in Boston. They usually place patients with host families who live in the city and you live with them. This was something that we were on the fence about but decided to send the application anyway. Guys….. they reached out the next day with a place for us. Due to COVID they are not placing patients and their families in homes but rather renting single family units across the city. This apartment is close to the hospital, full kitchen, laundry and separate space for Ollie. We were blown away. God answered so many prayers with the apartment! Now our next battle will be flights. The big dilemma is whether we book tickets now and hope the date stays the same or if we wait to hear in a few weeks. If all else fails, we have driven it before, we can do that this time as well.

Magic Tracks to the rescue! Oh my goodness, I love this picture but just ignore the fallen garland and gaming console taking over my mantle! #everydaylife

We just want to thank you all for your continued prayers over the past 4 years of this little mans life. Your words of encouragement mean the world to us and we would not be here today without all of you. If you feel like adding just a few more requests to your prayers tonight, pray for guidance for us. Wisdom about Rustic Corner, Boston and our family. Pray for continued joy in this time of unrest and compassion to those around us. Ethan and I, as well as so many of you I am sure, are just stressed, exhausted and ready for some kind of routine. COVID has really thrown a wrench in our sales at Rustic Corner, travel plans that we have prayed so long about and completely wrecked the routine that we once had. We understand that there is no getting back to “normal” and that this virus will never simply go away but we pray for guidance on how to make a new “normal”. How to live life again outside of our homes and around others. We will be praying for all of you this week and hope you find joy as a reason to celebrate again!

Thanks for checking in with us this week! Talk to you in a few!

A few of you have asked about a Go Fund Me page for Ollie. Our one that we used to initially go to Boston is still live if you wanted to check it out.


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