Hey there!

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful two weeks! The weather has been wonderful and we are here for it! I love rainy days with splashes of sunshine to warm us back up. There is just something about sitting on our front porch swing and watching the storms roll in. Simply beautiful!

How was your Memorial Day? Ours looked different than it normally does but we LOVED it! We decided to pitch a tent, have an ever burning fire and let our boys be boys. The water, mud, bugs and marshmallow faces were never ending! Oh, I have discovered that sleeping on the ground is overrated. Next time, this momma is going to bring her air mattress! #noshameinthisgame But we truly did have a blast, achy joints and all.

This little man missed his nap and almost fell asleep that chair!
Ice Cream Time!
We made it down to Gun Lake! Beautiful day!
Tired Babes!

We started our week with opening Rustic Corner back up! Ethan and I both felt like we should have had another ribbon cutting session, it felt that momentous. It was so nice to see you all again and catch up with how you are all weathering this storm. We can’t wait to see many more of you in the coming weeks! Not all of you are comfortable shopping in the store and we totally understand. We will still be posting pictures daily of items for pick up or you can also shop the website, rusticcornershop.com . Ethan has been working really hard every week to restock the website with new merchandise every Friday!

Opening Day!

With the store finally open again and my hours back to normal at work, I feel like I can focus my attention back to Boston for Ollie. It was God alone that knew we could not have handled his surgery in May and pushed us back to June. At this point, it still looks like a go. They are waiting for Ollie’s special insurance through the State of Michigan to give it’s final approval before they can officially keep his surgery on for June 16th. With the possibility of it being pushed, we are still hesitant to book flights but at this moment, that is the last item on our list of preparations. I mean, besides packing!

Through this whole thing these little boys have grown up immensely!

How are you all doing? There are days when I handle life just fine. I wake up ready to tackle every room in our home into cleanly submission and other days when sitting on the rocker watching the boys splash in the pool is all I can muster to do. I think we all have those times. Times to be busy and times to just sit and enjoy the moments. For me I struggle with trying to accomplish what I want to do and what my families needs are at the time. It’s a hard balance at times but what I have realized is that this is my time to slow down. Teaching as I go has never been an area of success for me but I am working on it. Giving the boys chores and not being upset about how long it takes them is a struggle for everyone involved but a necessary one. They share this home with us and I need to learn to have them appreciate it more. Do your children have set chores or do they pitch in with whatever needs to be done?

Our boys have sole responsibility of their room and I am pretty sure that is their only “set” chore because that is “their” space. Other wise, they jump in where ever Ethan and I happen to be. Declan is the pro of rinsing of dishes while Ollie tackles the bathroom with Ethan. My thought is, if we teach them now, it won’t be two people picking up after four but rather all of us pitching in and making light work of everything! I guess that only makes sense because that line of thinking has been with Ethan and I since we first got married. We both work at Rustic Corner, we share our duties at home and both parent. There have never been set roles in our home and I love it!

Well thanks for checking in with us again this week and listening in to the ramble of my heart! I just never know where these posts are going to end up when I start but I write where my heart is and if it starts out a little broken, it’s usually mended by the time I’m done. Thank you for your continued support of Rustic Corner and our little family!

Talk soon…

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Keeping you all in my prayers.


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