Hello Boston!

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the delay in my post this week. Yesterday completely got away from me and by the time we remembered, I was zonked.

We have arrived in Boston for Ollie’s surgery! Our adventure started yesterday morning around 3 am. My dad was kind enough to drop us off at the airport and listen to the non stop chatter of a very excited 4 year old! Security was a breeze, I mean, not a lot of people at the airport at 4 am, so we had plenty of time to sit and relax before boarding. Ollie was a trooper as masks are required every where in the airport and for the duration of the flight.

When we arrived, we jumped in an Uber to take us to the apartment that we will call home for the next week. Upon arrival I knew we were in the wrong place! Our driver was excellent and helped us find the right address. Before we knew it, we were back on the road and found our place. It is a small little studio but is just the right size for the three of us. Ollie gets to crash on the couch, which he is super excited about since it is just the right size for him and his friends (stuffed animals).

Pre-op clinic appointment was this morning bright and early. We met with a few nurse practitioner’s, an anesthesiologist and had Ollie’s labs drawn. (The kid actually was excited to get a poke….. At our lab in Michigan, they give prizes!) They were able to walk us through the process of his surgery and get us comfortable. We will have to go back on Sunday for a quick COVID test just as a precaution and thankfully it is just a mouth swab! Ethan and I were both hoping to stay overnight with him post surgery, but it sounds like only one parent is allowed. We will have to double check with the charge nurse on his floor to see if they will make an exception on the day of, so you can all be praying for that.

As for me and my heart, it is a daily work in progress. When we are up and busy, I feel as if I have it all handled. Come at me Satan, I’m ready. But when all is quiet and all that is around to distract me is Ethan’s steady breathing, I’m lost. I worry about complications, I worry that Ollie will be scared as they wheel him back to surgery alone, and I worry about our baby we left at home. I have prayed more prayers this week than I probably have in my whole existence. God and I are on a pretty tight every 20 minute schedule to chat about life and I’m not mad about that. I voice my worries and fears, with no other alternative, I let them go. I might have to let them go three or four times but hey, it’s a work in progress. Tears have become a daily treat and poor Ethan, has been amazing at helping me along the way. Ollie sees them and always asks if I just need “a little lovins” as he wraps his little arms around me.

We appreciate the prayers and notes of encouragement. I will do my best to keep you all updated. Tomorrow we have no appointments so off to the park we go. We have a small playground right around the corner from the apartment that we checked out today but we have our sights on Boston’s main gardens tomorrow. Boston has a pretty strict rule on masks to be worn everywhere outside your home so we are navigating that and taking our time outside the apartment in spurts.

We will chat again post surgery to share prayer requests and keep you updated. For now his surgery has been slotted for Monday the 15th at around 11am.

Love always

10 thoughts on “Hello Boston!

  1. Praying for a successful and wonderful experience for that sweet little face! Love and Hugs to you all!
    From your Jenison neighbor!


  2. I “in” with the process you are encountering in Boston….. Ollie will get the best they can offer I am sure.


    1. Thank You Elaine! We have been beyond impressed with them so far!


  3. Dorothy Weatherbee June 13, 2020 — 12:56 am

    Hannah, I did not have anything close to this when our children were little, but I prayed them so many things. And still do! Praying for my children showed me that I can pray without ceasing! You all will be in our prayers!


    1. Hi Mrs. Weatherbee! Thank you for the prayers. Becoming a Momma has taught me many things, biggest of all is that I cannot be their everything. I have to let go and let God handle the rest. It’s easier said than done though!!


  4. MaryAnne George June 13, 2020 — 11:01 am

    I’m a very peaceful person most of the time, because I too have to give up my anxieties every five minutes. Sometimes I’m better at it than others and still a work in progress.
    Love to you all and may you enjoy the adventure so the little things can lift you up to face the big things in your human frailty, holding God‘s hand every step of the way


    1. Thank You MaryAnne! You have been with this little man from Day 1 and we so appreciate all of the love you have for our little family!


  5. Following your journey and thankful you are in Boston; that the years of appointments with so many doctors has led you where you are. You have done a lot of advocating! Praying for the peace of Jesus for you and especially for Ollie as he goes through surgery.
    “A Rustic Corner shopper”


    1. Hi Kelly! It seems crazy that we are finally here at this point and that all of the advocating has paid off. Thank you for keeping up with our family and sending prayers our way, it means a lot!


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