Peace out Boston Children’s!

Hi everyone! Yesterday was a blur but I wanted to check in again.

Monday night Ollie kept complaining of a stomach ache. Thinking that it might just be hunger, they started him on soft foods. He kept down a little but by 10 pm, threw everything back up again. With an empty belly he felt much better and actually slept through the whole night which was amazing. Ethan was able to stay with us the whole time which was such an answer to prayer!

Ollie managed to keep down his breakfast on Tuesday morning and even managed a walk around our floor. During surgery, they placed a drain from within his cheek to the back of his throat to let any excess fluid escape. Around noon on Tuesday, they came in to remove that and started working on discharge papers! We were sent with a bag full of medications and lot of information on his dressings. By 3 pm he was all snuggled on the couch with a bag of frozen blueberries on his face, because this momma forgot all about ice!

Poor little man was so snuggled, he could barely watch his show!

He didn’t take his nap which is pretty unusual for him so we made an early dinner and all of us were sleeping by 8 pm. For some reason I woke at 3 am to check on him. He was laying on his left cheek which was something Ollie’s doctors advised against, so I went to roll him and discovered the poor little man soaked himself. So to the tub we went, new jammies, meds and back in bed.

This morning he is doing well. He ate a great breakfast and had energy to help us clean the apartment, play cars and even take a walk to the park to feed the ducks. Today he is taking a nap and that is a blessing for us.

I was nervous leaving the hospital so soon and definitely could not have done it without Ethan. It’s hard keeping tack of all the medications and times to give them, rotating ice and trying to keep a four year old from over doing it. It’s exhausting and we are so glad that we gave ourselves extra time on the back end of his surgery to have this time to recover.

He is still asks everyday for his pressure dressings to be taken off but they will stay until Monday hopefully. Today, I was so proud of him, he asked to take his mask off at the park. Earlier today, he didn’t want to go because people would stare at him and the only way he would, was if he could wear his mask so no one could see. So we are taking it one day at a time and making memories as we go!

8 thoughts on “Peace out Boston Children’s!

  1. Good news for Ollie to keep progressing!


    1. Thank you! He is amazing and we are so proud of him!


  2. Keith & Michelle June 18, 2020 — 12:23 am

    You all are rock stars! ❤️


  3. Oh So HaPpY for you. My husband have been Praying and will continue to Pray for quick Recovery and a miracle he will never have to go through this again. Nah am 1:9 No disaster a second time. GOD never leaves us or forsakes us. 💕


    1. Thank you so much for the prayers!


  4. Fantastic news! Whew….glad that part is over with eh? Now on the road to “recovery”. You’ve got this.


  5. Praying for your family. 🥰🥰🥰


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