The year of 5’s!

Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for coming back and checking in with us today. The boys are at day camp this week at the Children’s Healing Center so I am writing from Mad Cap Coffee today! It is so fun to be back at our local hangouts and the boys are loving being able to check in on their friends from school!

In January we were excited for 2020. Rustic Corner was going strong, we had made progress with Boston and it was going to be our year of 5’s. As the months rolled on we all hit the rough patch of this pandemic but we are still here and going strong. In May we celebrated 5 years of marriage. At the end of this month Rustic Corner, our first baby, will be 5 years old. Then come October, our Ollie will be 5 years old! Needless to say, this is a big year for us.

Rustic Corner turning 5 is a huge moment for our family. It celebrates a milestone that most small businesses don’t make it to. When we were forced to shut down during this pandemic, we had to choose whether to fight to keep Rustic Corner alive or slowly let our dreams slip through our fingers. It was a long two and half months of filling out paperwork, waiting for unemployment checks and fighting to keep my hours at the hospital all the while, watching our savings dwindle down to nothing. Ethan had many sleepless nights running numbers and trying to patch holes that kept unraveling.

But we are still here, still fighting to keep our livelihood alive and still loving what we do. Ethan’s dream of starting Rustic Corner came out of a need to create a clean space for people who love to create and give them a place to begin their own small businesses. It was a place to cater to the middle class of America who have big designs dreams but keep the prices attainable. Rustic Corner is a place to meander through, unbothered and dream. It is a place for friends to meet and design rooms in their homes to be welcoming places! But also Rustic Corner is a place for us to try out new designs and keep things fresh for all of you. Ethan is a man that pushes the limits in all things and is constantly coming up with new ways to make our store a better place.

Love this man and how hard he works for our family!

We would love to celebrate with all of you as we come closer to this milestone. For our 5 year anniversary celebration we are doing a giveaway that you can sign up for in the store! Our grand prize is a $300 gift card to Great Wolf Lodge! The second and third prizes will be $50 shopping sprees to Rustic Corner! We will be announcing the winners at the end of this month on Rustic Corners birthday, July 31st.

So yes, this year has thrown us all in a tailspin. It has forced us to step up our game and decide if Rustic Corner is something that we want to keep alive. But it has also allowed us to have uninterrupted family time, virtual game nights, and kicked us into a lifestyle change with our diets. 2020 has been a roller-coaster but for now we are on the upswing. When we reach the top and the inevitable fall comes, it is scary, dramatic and makes you want to wet your pants a little, but it tends to be short, always leading right back into that upswing. Hopefully, little by little, the falls become less dramatic and scary and the time at the top stays sweet. So here’s to our year of 5’s. It has been the most dramatic year in our marriage so far but we are hopeful that it might just be the best!

Ollie is saying, “Come on in! We are open again!”

Don’t forget to come in and enter in our Anniversary drawing! Have a wonderful two weeks!

1 thought on “The year of 5’s!

  1. Congratulations on FIVE years! Just have to keep moving forward and try to go with the flow!


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