Taking a Step Back…

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a good two weeks! If you are here in Michigan, thank goodness for the break in the heat, right?! We have been enjoying the cooler nights and crisp mornings with blanket snuggles on the couch!

So if you read the blog last time, I mentioned that Ethan and I were starting on a healthier lifestyle journey together. I hate the word diet. To me, diets are restricting and tend to have a binge factor later on, so journey it is. We were given a meal plan and workouts to do together. On Fridays, we decided to have our weigh ins just to keep track of our progress. All week we worked hard and ate following our plan. By Friday I was so excited to weigh in to see just how much weight I had shredded during the week. The scale didn’t budge. It was literally at the exact weight I started with to the ounce.

To be honest, that stupid little inanimate object sent my entire day into a tale spin. I cried, I begrudgingly prepped my meals for the day knowing that it would be a miracle for me to stick to my plan that day. I was beyond upset and felt like the entire week was a waste. So I pouted, sulked and embarrassingly enough, shouted at my kids all day. But as the day went on, I stared to think about my week. I had worked out more this week than I had in a long time, the amount of processed food that had entered my body that week was barely enough to count and I felt energetic all day long instead of feeling like I needed to rest when the boys did. Wowza! I had made improvements this week!

The scale might not have budged but I haven’t fit in these jeans for two whole summers! Happy Dance!!

I feel like we are ingrained to feel like results need to be instant or else what is the point? But in actuality, it took 5 years for me to put on 25 pounds. So why should I expect to lose a large amount in just one week? It will take time and so far, I have enjoyed the journey, bumps and all. I see myself making healthier life choices every single day and with that, the weight will come eventually.

Flowers always seem to brighten my spirits!

Is there an area in your life that you are working on and feeling discouraged? My advice? Take a step back and evaluate the little victories. I guarantee you, there are more than you think there are and you are probably farther along than you think. So don’t let your end goal distract or discourage you from making the baby steps forward. Every step counts, even when we trip and fall on our face, that is still progress! So don’t let a ridiculous little thing like a scale or a photo of a perfect family on Instragram get you down. Do you, celebrate the journey that gets you to that end goal because life is to short not to enjoy every step of the way!

Ollie took this shot!

Have a wonderful couple of weeks! When we chat again, the store will have fully been changed to fall! I can’t wait to show you the progress and a complete revamp of one of the back areas of Rustic Corner!

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