Busy B’s

Hi Everyone! We have packed a lot into our two weeks since we chatted and I have a lot to share with you! With Fall quickly approaching, Ethan and I knew that we would need to be doing some significant changes to store to freshen things up. So for the last few weeks we have been working on furniture in our home and stashing it away to bring for our fall reset. Our shed was full to the brim and so was our back room in our home.

Knowing that with the fall reset comes the beginning of busy season we put our work on hold for a few days and took a family vacation to Triponds Family Resort in Allegan. This was our second time going and we could not have been more excited. They are geared toward making family memories and that is just what we did! We swam, bounced on the pillow, ate smores for breakfast and played mini golf. Within the resort, they have many have many options for sleeping accommodations including RV/ camper sites, tenting, cabins and cottages. We were lucky enough to rent a cottage and had plenty of room for friends and family to join us through out the week. So if you are looking for a fun place to stay, this is our number one recommendation!

Once we arrived back home, it was full pedal to the metal, in true Bohlman family style! Back at Rustic Corner we were able to remove some walls in the back of the store for a new open concept feel that just draws you right in. We first opened this space two years ago in October. It functioned well but just not to it’s full potential. By opening up things a little we hope our customers will want to spend some more time in there finding all the treasures and just having a better shopping experience all together.

That Sunday we worked about an 18 hour day with help of friends and family watching the boys. By Monday, I was pooped but Ethan was back at it bright and early. On seasonal reset days, we shut down the store for shoppers just to give our vendors a chance to reset their booths as well. It also gives us a chance to really clean the store and make sure everything is ready for the next season. That afternoon/ evening the boys made it to the store to help put out merchandise. We try to have them help with whatever step we are at so that they see the whole process. Momma and Papa don’t just own Rustic Corner, we clean, price, design and dream within those walls. It’s important that they see that full circle so that some day, when they have a dream, they will know the hard work that comes with it and the joy that comes with accomplishing it.

We were all able to come home together on Monday night, which rarely happens on reset days, but we were all more than ready to call it a day and welcome in Ethan’s birthday on the 18th. He woke up to cereal and coffee in bed with just enough time to eat and jet. The boys and I decorated and cleaned all day for a small family party. The thing about Ethan is that he doesn’t like gifts and parties really aren’t his thing. But ya know, you only turn 27 once in your life, so celebrate we did! His favorite cake is white Texas sheet cake, so I attempted to make that for him, it could have gone better! It’s the thought that counts right?! Oh well, the candles were blown out and the cake was eaten, so it must not have been too bad. Still didn’t stop me from running to Aldi for a back up cheesecake and some ice cream though!

Ollie also had a lab appointment this week. He always goes through the process like a champ and has his favorite lab technician. They know not to send anyone else, because Ollie will literally just wait for Jeremiah to finish whatever patient he is working with! Ollie was able to draw his own blood this time, adding to his list of medical skills and truly tickling him pink. His results came back low on his Sirolimus level, which is the medication he takes for his cheek so they will be upping his dose a little. That just means another lab appointment in a few weeks to see how he is doing. His lipid panel came back great though. Since he takes Sirolimus twice a day, there is a chance it could spike his cholesterol levels, so they keep an eye on that about twice a year. That was encouraging and an answer to prayer.

The boys are off to Cousin Camp tomorrow with my side of the family. My parents take all 16 grand kids for two days and one night along with one set of parents to help out. This year it’s not Ethan and I so we get a night off from the boys this weekend! I will definitely share some pictures next time as they are sure to have a blast and so are we!

Have a wonderful two weeks! If you get a chance, swing in to Rustic Corner to enjoy the fall decor and check out our remodel in the back!

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