All about Declan!

This week I’m super excited to share about Declan, D, D-Bird, the Declaninator, the man who turned three this week! When Ethan and I first learned I was pregnant with D, our home was still a construction site and we were living in my parents basement. Not the ideal time to bring baby number two into the world right?!?

In the beginning I was so excited to have another baby and a play mate for Ollie. But as time when on, I couldn’t help but think that maybe we were irresponsible to bring another life into our crazy home. Ollie was constantly in and out of the hospital for infections, Rustic Corner was still very much in the baby stages and we still weren’t in our home. I also couldn’t figure out how I was going to have room in my heart to love anther babe. Writing this today, well it makes me laugh because of all the worry and anxiety I put myself through. Going over thoughts and scenarios that would take a miracle to even occur in the first place but at the time seemed very real to me.

On September 14th 2017 we welcomed little D in the afternoon after about three pushes. What a different hospital stay than with Ollie! No stress, I was back on my feet in no time and the best part was there were no emergent tests like with Ollie. He was a complete Papa’s boy though! This man would not sleep unless he was on Ethan’s chest! So Ethan would take the first shift while I slept and I would take the second shift early in the morning. Those were some exhausting first months. Thank goodness for our parents and their willingness to help whenever they could!

Brotherly love right from the beginning!!!!!!

The best part about welcoming this man into our home? Realizing that my heart could stretch a little bigger and love more than one child unconditionally. Crazy right?!? Ok, I was a little behind on the eight ball on that one, but I was so glad to be proven wrong.

I think my biggest learning curve with having a second child is that what worked with Ollie, will 100% not work with Declan. They are so completely different on every level that it is like having a first child again, except this time, I have a little experience to lean on. Ollie, is very much an Ethan personality and Declan is an exact copy of his momma. It should be easy then right, this whole parenting thing? Absolutely not! Declan and I butt heads on the daily with everything!

But what I can always count on is morning snuggles at 6:45 on the dot. He comes in, snuggles right to my face, rubs his little nose on mine and says “ugga mugga, good morning Mommy”. Thank you Daniel Tiger for this irreplaceable moment that is so quickly followed up with “Mommy I’m ready for breakfast”!

Having Declan in our home has been such a wonderful adventure so far. The man accessorizes on the daily with hats, ties and dress shirts. We are stilling working on the love of regular t shirts and sweatpants but hey if the man wants to be fancy, be fancy babe!

This year we surprised him with more hats and a monster truck birthday cake for his special day. Ethan and I LOVE making over the top birthday cakes for our kids. It is something we started for Ollie’s first birthday. It’s a long process with most of them and we are thoroughly exhausted by the end but the pure joy from our babies makes it all worth it. We generally start out well, fight a little in the middle but then come together in the end with a great memory for us and the boys.

So if you are thinking of expanding your family and you are feeling a little hesitant about it, start a list of all of your hesitations. Are they true hurdles or are they worries about possible outcomes? If they are worries, don’t let them take root and ruin something before it can even begin. The ability to adapt and change is a wonderful gift that we have been given. Your kids will adapt to having siblings, you will adapt to meet the needs of your family as they come. It might seem overwhelming at first but just take it day by day.

Anyway, there is my two cents! Hope you all have a wonderful couple of weeks and enjoy this beautiful start to Fall! We are heading out to the bonfire for hot dogs and smores!

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