Hello October!

Happy October 1st! Hope you all have had a wonderful two weeks! The leaves are changing and the days have turned crisp here in Michigan. I have always had a love/ hate relationship with Fall but today we are leaning towards love. The boys and I have enjoyed the rain the past few days and the sense of calm that it brings.

Rainy day fun!

Anyone else feel like a rainy day is just the excuse you needed to snuggle a little deeper into those covers, read that extra book to your babies and enjoy some hot cocoa? Rain is almost like my signal from God to slow down. To stop filling my days with crazy tasks and get back to basics. In fact, those rainy days when I need to go into work, almost feel like I am being cheated out of a reset day. How silly right?!

This week, I restarted my work out program, one that I had let slip away for almost two months. My goodness, it feels good. To feel those muscles stretching and getting stronger brings a wonderful sense of accomplishment. A feeling of strength and endurance to be able to take on the day. It is a moment every morning that I can take care of just me. I have noticed that when I am done, I feel energized and ready to take on whatever comes.

Snuggles on the porch, watching the rain!

For the past few months, I slowly let more things slip through my fingers. Things that I love doing and things that fill my cup so that I can give to others. I love being outside in the sunshine and exercising with the boys, but I stopped. I love soaking in the bath tub just letting the anxiety and emotions from the day float down the drain. Instead, lately quick showers have been the choice. There really doesn’t seem to be any set answer as to why those things have changed. But I feel like some of that is just a lack of energy and lack of caring about putting myself first. I have always wanted to be a great wife and mom and most days I feel pretty successful in that but that also means taking the time to recharge. That recharging doesn’t happen 9 days out of 10 and that leads to the blah feelings as well as lack of ambition.

Any way, what I am trying to say is that putting yourself first is a choice. A choice that sometimes makes us seem selfish but one that so monumental to our lives. Take a minute to remember the activities that recharge your soul, now find time in your day in order to do them. Some days it will feel like there are mountains in your way but don’t give up. Choose to make yourself a priority and you will be amazed at how the rest of your life will improve as well.

Working out or taking soakers in the bath tub might not be how you put your self first and that’s ok too. It might mean, finding a new coffee shop or buying that new outfit you have been looking at forever. What is important, is finding what recharges you so that you can bring your best self to the table every day.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the first glimpses of Fall! Remember to enjoy the little moments, put yourself first when you need to and thrive! You got this!

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