Lets just be KIND….

Hi Everyone! I am getting a much later start today than usual, so I am sorry about that. But we had a Christmas Open House at the store today that has taken over our entire week at home! Any way, I wanted to pop on here and share what has been sitting kind of heavy on my heart the past few weeks.

I make a point to not put political thoughts on my blog because that is something that is a personal choice between Ethan and I, but I am going to chat a little about what has been going on in our country lately. I feel like slowly we have gotten lost. Lost in a sea of judgement, hate and hurt feelings. What happened to being able to share our thoughts and ponderings with others all the while knowing that it could lead to a healthy conversation? I personally enjoy seeing the world from another point of view and hearing the thoughts behind why that decision was made.

Some where down the line we have lost the ability to show grace, kindness and love to others. We were not made to have exactly the same opinions or thoughts on things, that would make for the most boring race ever. New ideas are what makes us survive and keep on creating for the better of everyone. We have been shoved into two different boxes with this election, republican or democrat and it is literally ripping people a part. I have never seen so many friendships and families dissolved over lack of grace.

The amount of customers that have come into the store the last two weeks seeking refuge from news media outlets or social media is insane. They come for the Christmas music, calm environment and general peace that surrounds our store. I think it is wonderful that we can provide a place for them but it saddens me, the stories that pour out of people as they check out. Stories of anxiety over where our country is going, sadness about arguments with family and an overwhelming sense of fatigue. But how do we help? Where do we draw the line and say enough is enough?

To start we need to begin respecting others. Respect their right to have an opinion and belief in something that is different than your own. With that respect needs to come self control. The ability to have a difference in opinion and to be quiet. Listen to what others have to say, and yet not feel the need to convert them to your way of thinking. I rarely speak about my political affiliations anywhere, really. Too often, others have tried to force their opinion upon me or play Devils advocate to my way of thinking. I don’t typically enjoy debating those topics so my go to is to steer the conversation elsewhere. The easy choice would be to get frustrated and cease conversations with those people but more often than not, “those” people tend to be friends or a close acquaintance. So instead, I offer grace, kindness and even a little space.

To me this isn’t an election issue, Trump/ Biden, Democrat/ Republican, but rather a heart issue. What happened to the Golden Rule? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. If we shame, curse and spit on others, why should we not expect the same in return? In turn, present kindness. Show grace and respect for another human being. We are all just trying to do the best that we can in a time where everything seems haywire.

Ok, I think I should get off my soap box for tonight but thanks for listening. Challenge for this week: Respect others, show Grace and extend Kindness.

Cookie Monsters!

2 thoughts on “Lets just be KIND….

  1. I wish I could write like you. You said what I feel. Thank you.


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