A day late!

Hi everyone! Posting the day after Thanksgiving today instead of on my usual Thursday. Hoping you all had a wonderful day yesterday. It was quite different to say the least but some things never change from year to year. That would be my famous eight layer jello. This jello has appeared at every Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember. At some point in my teens, it fell to me to start making it and I have been stuck with it ever since! I moan and groan every year but I don’t actually mind. Every year it looks a little different and the flavors change a little on my mood for that year but the process is still the same.

The whole process takes about eight hours. I know, your thinking that I am crazy for making this every year. But really, the jello itself takes two minutes to make and the setting time is what takes the longest. There is something therapeutic in the setting of the layers. One layer by itself, really is quite boring but as a whole they present with a beautiful rainbow, pleasing to the eye. It makes the effort completely worth it!

Trying to stretch my horizons this year, I figured I would attempt an apple pie. I have made one other apple pie on my own so I figured that we would give this one a whirl. Cinnamon roll, caramel apple pie with frosting…….. is your mind blowing up right now?!?! Guys, it turned out soooo good! How and why?! Well, I was in Family Fare on Wednesday trying to find pie crust to make a regular apple pie and there was none to be found. I as stood staring at the empty section of Pillsbury pie crust, I glanced to my left and noticed the cinnamon rolls. Unwilling to travel to another store for pie crust, the cinnamon rolls would have to work for today. I mean, what could go wrong?

I ended up following a recipe from Pinterest for the pie filling, unwilling to leave that part to chance. But then the experiment began. I started by rolling out the cinnamon rolls until they were relatively flat. They I started arranging them in the bottom of my greased pie pan. They overlapped in sections and I had to piece together the side a little but then it was time to fill. I poured half of the apple mixture into the pan and then started adding the caramel. The caramel that I used was just melting caramels that are used for caramel apples and such. I broke them up into pieces and scattered them around. Then I filled it with the remaining apple mixture.

So I wasn’t quite sure whether to complete my pie with a crumb mixture or keep adding cinnamon rolls to the top. In a bout of laziness, since Ethan and I started this project at 10pm, I opted for the already put together cinnamon rolls. We had just enough to cover the top and leave a little space for steam holes. We were skeptical to say the least on how well it all would cook but it stayed in the oven for about an hour. I kept tin foil over the top for about 40 mins and then took it off to let the top crisp up a little. Once it came out of the oven, I spread the glaze that comes with the cinnamon rolls, over the top. It was magical!

How do you feel about making new recipes? Does it make you nervous or are you all about the experiment. I don’t branch out of my routine often so experimenting is a little nerve racking at times. But when you start step by step or layer by layer, it can lead to some pretty exciting things! Thanks for stepping into my kitchen today! I will share the rainbow jello recipe down below if you would like to try it!

If you do happen to be shopping this weekend, Rustic Corner is doing 10% off store wide as well as select vendors have their own sales going on. As well as, tomorrow is Small Business Saturday! Come out to support not just our little family but also all of our vendors as well!

Blurry but I LOVE it!

Rainbow Jello- By: Bonnie Jessee

  • 2- 3oz. Red Jello
  • 2- 3oz. Lemon Jello
  • 2- 3oz. Orange Jello
  • 2- 3oz. Lime Jello
  • 2 cans Sweetened Condensed Milk

Grease your pan lightly with mayo

Layer 1: 1.5 cups of hot water and one package of jello (clear layer)

Layer 2: ¾ cup of hot water and one package of jello. Cool until luke warm and add ¾ cup condensed milk. (solid color layer)

Continue to add layers every 30 mins or so alternating clear and solid layers. Make sure layer is firm before adding next layer.

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