The Master Bedroom!

Hi everyone! Hope you all have had a good two weeks! I wanted to do something different this week and invite you into our home. Now when we first moved into our home, we took out over 10 walls, patched many holes and really wanted to make the space work for our family. So about 4 years later we have our Master bedroom almost to completion! There is still some work to be done but I’m just too excited and want to share with you all today.

Our someday goal is to have real plants cascading down from the top but with the lack of sunshine we are happy to create the effect with faux. Still looking to add my greenery up top there as well.

For years our room has been the last room to be cleaned, the last to be organized and became the catch all for everything whenever we had guests. Got to love the quick “throw it all in our room” clean up tactic! Well Ethan and I finally said enough is enough and started to focus all of our energy for the last few weeks in our master. Our goal for the room was peaceful, simple and elegant. This was to be a space for me to write, take quiet time or even have a movie night with my girls. The boys, while always welcome, are to not leave anything in here any more. It got to be that mom and dads room had the best hiding places but lets be real, we have stepped on one too many tiny cars! So they play but all toys sleep in their room.

At first when we hung our curtains, I wasn’t so sure about the length but now we LOVE them!

Anyway, our room started as just the ornate headboard. I had been on Pinterest one day and just loved the Moroccan feel that these headboards had. So Ethan brought me pen and paper. I sketched out the design and to the woodshop he went. Once he had it all together, we went at it with a few different tools to give it a weathered look. I’m sure we gave the neighbors quite a laugh as we took a hammer and crowbar to our brand new headboard. Once it had enough character, we stained it and attached it directly to the wall.

Our lights are from the Grainery

Since then, we slowly have been collecting things for our someday room. The fireplace used to live at Rustic Corner until we decided to give it a permanent home in our room. It was brought to us from a friend that had been doing some work downtown Grand Rapids and asked if we would be interested. Of course we said yes, but didn’t realize how heavy this thing actually was. It is completely concrete and is a beast to move! What I just love is the stone work on the face of the fireplace. It is so unique and just adds an element of dimension to that wall that was completely lacking. We haven’t decided yet if anything should go on either side of our family photo or if keeping it simple is best. For now we love the simplicity. What are your thoughts?

Live plants have also made a debut in here. I have never had a good track record with plants so we will see how this goes but I always knew that we needed a large palm for the corner of our room. It adds so much life to the space that it always makes me smile. Ethan also found me the pine tree for my little table. The needles are so soft and unique! You will notice that we have mixed both the faux and the real plants in our room. That is an acceptable thing to do and I feel like it elevates the faux plants within the space as well.

“Today I choose Joy” has always been a wonderful reminder to me that every day I am given the choice to choose to be joyful about the circumstances God has put us in. Sign by Spiry & Co.

What the two of us love the most about this room is that we see our business in every space. Rustic Corner has made this space come alive with both products that we have made ourselves as well as pieces from our vendors. It has been a joy sharing this room with friends and family and being able to direct them to the vendors that have created things for us.

All of the shelves on this wall have come from the Grainery. The beautiful painting was done by Hudsonleecreek.

Thank you for touring our master bedroom with us today! There are still areas of work to be done, just like in everything, it is a work in progress. At the moment, Ethan is replacing our closet doors with something that brings our room full circle. I will share that photo next time when that is complete. Did you like seeing our home? Should I share more often, the looks that we create just for us? My hope is to share our bathroom in the next month or so as that is nearing completion as well! As always, have a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “The Master Bedroom!

  1. Looks amazing! Love the greenery and calmness. Super lovely. I hadn’t heard of the Grainery. Looks like a fun shop too. I’d love to see more of your home! How’s Ollie?


    1. Hi Kelly! Ollie is doing great. He rebounded super well from his last procedure and is keeping us busy with all of his plans! Thanks for checking in. I will do a full update on him in a few weeks


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