Hey There 2021

Hi Everyone! Sorry I am a day late posting this week. We had our first ever Rustic Corner Girls Night last night. With it being the first time, we wanted to keep it small to work out the kinks. I think it was a wonderful success but man I am wiped! With COVID we needed to keep pushing back the date as well as continually changing up our plan on what to give shoppers so I am glad it is finally in the books!

Ethan let me take the reigns and was content to do all the behind the scenes work for me which was amazing but this girl LOVES to stay behind the scenes! So out of my comfort zone big time to bring in 2021 but it has lead to some serious growth for me already. Delegating is hard for me to do, in my mind it is much easier to just do it but that is exhausting! So I have done my share of eating a little humble pie and sharing those needs this week.

Another area of growth already this year is counting our blessings on a daily basis. It is so easy to comment on the negative and only on the negative. But that is so poisonous to our hearts and leads to that constant feeling of having a weight on our shoulders. Lately, Ethan has gotten into the habit of mentioning the little things such as, being able to have a complete conversation because the boys are actually playing nice, or having the opportunity to drive in a quiet car since everyone is looking out the window. Simple things but blessings all the same. It might seem silly to mention those things but they add up and that “horrible” day you were having was in actuality a horrible few minutes surrounded by a multitude of mini blessings. It’s all just a simple shift in perspective that can actually make a monumental difference in your life.

You might even find it helpful to write those blessings down. Ethan and I have a place we have started to just jot down the blessings of the day. It is so wonderful to be able to look back on that and realize that we do have a lot to be thankful for.

As a family we have enjoyed playing together. The boys and I have made multiple trips to the sledding hill this week and every night they ask God for more snow. Christmas this year brought a lot of new games into our house so we have enjoyed getting those out and exploring them together. It is so fun to watch the boys flourish as they learn to follow the rules of the game and even as they make up new games. Forever thinking and growing into awesome little men!

To finish we just wanted to thank you all for your constant support for our family. You have been with us through many life changing events this year and we would not have made it through without your loyalty to Rustic Corner. Thank you for shopping with us, reading the blog and helping us through Oliver’s medical journey. You all have become like family and we are forever grateful to you! I hope your 2021 has started out well despite the turmoil happening all around and that you choose to focus on the blessings rather than the negative.

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