A much needed break…

Hi everyone! It has been a while and I am sorry! I have not missed writing a blog in a long time but two weeks ago I lacked all energy and drive to share anything. I had this feeling that whatever I would write would be lacking and meaningless anyway so what was the point to writing. So here we are, it has been a month since I checked in and so much has occurred!

Two weeks ago my mom and I left for Florida for a week to stay with some friends. This was my first ever momcation and definitely will not be my last! It was an opportunity for me to completely relax without the pressing engagements of preschool, doctor’s appointments and deadlines for the store. It was like setting reset on my whole life and I feel like I have energy again! Leading up to this trip, I felt like I was being a terrible mom for leaving for 7 whole days. But it was what my soul needed. I don’t think I knew how much of a depression I had fell into until I walked back into my home with a renewed look on life.

Now I know jetting off to Florida is not an option for everyone but taking time is. As parents our children will just keep draining us, that is where they are at and shouldn’t be resented for that. But we as parents need something to refill our tanks. For me on a daily basis, that means Ethan wakes up with the boys and I wake up slow in our room. Some mornings that is five minutes of quiet before taking on the day. Other mornings I end up falling back asleep. This is a system we have started because I am not a morning person and even just a few minutes to wake up by myself is the jump start that I need for a better day.

Other times we schedule date nights with a sitter. Now with everything going on maybe you haven’t made the step to increase your circle to include a babysitter but I encourage you to do so. Find someone you trust to leave your children with and enjoy a few hours of peace. Go out and support our local restaurants or take in the beauty that is in downtown Grand Rapids. But more importantly hit the reset button for a few hours, it is essential to your sanity!

The best welcome home ever!

Ollie update!

I haven’t shared too much about our little men in a while just because everything has been going so well! But we did receive a major answer to prayer this week that need to share with you. Before we went to Boston in June, we made sure all insurance papers were in order and that everything was to be covered. By July we had a bill from Boston Children’s Hospital for over seven thousand dollars. Now we have learned not to panic at first because most often not all of the insurance is billed correctly the first time and we receive a new bill within a month. Well the new bill never came and calls from Boston’s billing department started. This started the weekly conversations about insurance. It seemed everyone I talked to could see that Ollie’s Medicaid was not put in the system and that they would work on it. Week after week, the same answer until finally our bill went to collections. At this point we reached out to Ollie’s case worker here in Grand Rapids. She to was put off for a couple of weeks before finally getting in contact with someone who could help. Well, on Monday this week, we received the call from her that insurance had picked up the bill and our balance was zero! ZERO! We did not expect a seven thousand dollar bill but we also did not expect for everything to be covered! Just wow!

Ollie had his check up this week with his specialist and everything is going well. His cheek is the softest it has ever been and the over all health inside his mouth is great. The medication that he is on is working great and he has been staying within a good range in his labs. Every so often we have to increase his dose and that can throw off his attitude at times. We made that increase around November and haven’t seen any adverse side effects this time which is AMAZING!

Declan is doing great! He is well on his way to being completely potty trained! We still have accidents and there are definite days when he decides that he can’t be bothered to use the potty but progress is being made! Hallelujah! He is a spit fire of a man and we tend to clash quite often but he is my biggest snuggle buddy and I would never give up a chance to squeeze the stuffing out of him!

Thank you for checking in on our little family! Hope you all have a wonderful two weeks!

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