Let Go…

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful two weeks. It has been a winter wonderland here in Michigan and I LOVE it! It has been cold here so not too much outside time but the boys manage to enjoy a few minutes every day, usually while I watch from my cozy kitchen table drinking my hot coffee.

This week I wanted to try something a little different. Has anyone seen Bridgerton? It is a period series on Netflix that Ethan and I really enjoyed. It definitely has its risky moments but that’s not really what I wanted to focus on. The character I did want to chat about is Lady Whistledown, the anonymous writer that throws the city into a tizzy with her blunt and juicy details about the elite. As the series progresses, she enraptures the town to a point where their decision making is based off of this gossip column.

Now, I don’t feel the need to be Lady Whistledown in the way of exposing secrets but I am rather jealous of her free speech. Daily, I feel the need to censor my words so as to not offend. I feel pushed to do what is deemed “right” by the people sitting in the seats on Capital Hill. To be honest, I am over it. I want to gather with my family and be able to share about that without the judgement of others lurking around every corner. I want to be able to refuse a vaccine and not be interrogated by my co-workers for my choices. I want to LET GO……

There are days when I debate about starting an anonymous blog just for this purpose. A space to truly let go and just speak freely about my beliefs and feelings about what is going on in our world today. Political conversations are a no go in most places, vaccinations questions are met with snide comments about not doing my part in stopping a deadly virus and the mask wearing debate turns sour real fast.

So I guess my question would be, when did our world become so Taboo? Where along the way did we lose our right to have an opinion that is different than others and still have the freedom to chat about it without ruining friendships? Divisions and rifts that have occurred within families and friends this year over politics and public health are abundant. I do not know a single family that hasn’t had a relationship ruined this year. How unbelievably sad is that?

Could we all just be a little like Lady Whistledown? Maybe be a little more forthcoming with what we are really feeling without burning bridges and destroying friendships? There are ways to have fruitful conversations with opposing sides of an issue.

Well I hope this blog helped a little if you are feeling like your opinion cannot be heard or if you needed that extra push to speak freely. There are those of us out there that value opinions that differ from our own and enjoy the conversations without the hate speech and judgement.

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