Drop it!

As we go through life we pick things up. Spouse, house, mouse in the house with the spouse. Just kidding, I am not the next Dr. Seuss but since he is getting so much air time these days, might not hurt to jump on the wagon! Again, kidding.

But it’s true. Some things that we picked up as children, we are still dragging behind us. Weighing us down and we don’t even know it until we make the decision to let them go. I recently made the decision to let go of something, a relationship. One that had been with me a very long time but one that felt like Tom Hanks and Wilson for a couple of years now, one sided and deserted on an island. What is the point in dragging that around? I am not a trained firefighter, taking flights of stairs with someone on my back, I was dying and I didn’t even know it!

But letting go, that is the hardest part. Because in that moment, the good times, perfect moments, the highlight reel if you will, plays in your head, pushing you back and tightening your grip. It’s a false happiness telling you that it is a stage in life and it can only get better from here. It can get better that is for sure. Maybe that person will step it up, but don’t bank your happiness or hope on someone else changing, place the bet on yourself. Encourage yourself to grow, shed that extra weight and shine from the inside. If that person cares enough, they will rise up and grow with you.

Now maybe your baggage is not a person but literal baggage from years of collections, or maybe a toxic relationship with food. The list is endless, but realize that anything in your life that is creating a negative space in your head, home or in your life some where, is not worth having. It took me years to stop holding on for dear life and for the life of me I wish I had done it sooner. The relief that comes with loosening that grip is life changing, like finally taking in that full breath of fresh air after a spring rain.

So maybe it is time for you to put something down. Let it go so that you can breathe, reset and watch new life grow. Sometimes letting go of “this” negative baggage gives you the freedom and room to cultivate something positive in your life.

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