Dating my husband!

Hi everyone! Hope the past two weeks have been good ones. Our weather here in Michigan has been a tease lately. Warm one day, freezing the next but everyday is one day closer to warmer weather right! My smaller daffodils have popped and are bringing a lot of joy with them. Not sure how many will last, since they keep appearing on my kitchen table but when little people bring in flowers, you just need to be thankful that those little people are there to pick them! Have your spring flowers made an appearance yet?

Ok lets jump into today’s thoughts. After Christmas, with the lack of events and parties, there always comes a little bit of a slump. A time of hunkering down and getting overly comfortable with a schedule, that life lacks a little pizzazz. Ethan and I felt this lacking but sort of pushed it away to deal with another day. Well days turned into weeks and our life together resulted in the couch, our phones and Netflix in the background. We would chat a little but by the time we went to bed, we hadn’t discussed our day or invested in each other. I cannot even count the amount of times I went to sleep feeling a little cheated and sad.

Date time at the store!

It all came to a head one day as I cried, he cried and we finally realized that yes, we were together but not actually investing in each other. So that night we sat down and picked two days a week that would be date night. Now this does not mean that we get a sitter two nights a week, we actually have not gotten one yet. These nights are for the two of us to cook together, play games, and you know, connect with one another. Eventually we might take these nights to go out on the town but for now it has been nice enjoying our home with one another.

Some nights we make dinner for the kids, sit and chatter with them but then make our own dinner once they have gone to bed. This gives us time to enjoy a meal without distractions as well as gives us the opportunity to make new recipes together. Other nights are spent playing games or working on puzzles. This keeps the hands busy but lets the conversation flow.

For Valentine’s Day Ethan bought me the The Adventure Challenge, couples addition. It is a book with tons of different dates all covered so that it is a surprise once it has been scratched off. On the side of the page it has a different symbols so that you know whether it will take you outside, include making food as well as how long it will roughly take to complete the date. Once the date has been scratched off, it has to be completed, no take backs! It also comes with a space to place a photo as well as a few lines to describe how the date went.

So far, we have only completed one date in the book but boy was it fun! One of us had to be blindfolded while the other talked them through making a pie. We opted to make little apple turnovers with me being the blindfolded one. I definitely made a mess of the kitchen but they tasted amazing!

Overall, it has been a few months of sticking to our designated date nights. We have 100% noticed a difference in our relationship as a couple. Yes, we still have our times to sit on the couch and chill but it is not a rut that we continually fall into anymore. It as been such a fun time as it reminds me of when we were dating and has forced us to keep learning about one another.

Anyone else have designated date nights every week? It could just be one day or could change every week. But having a night when you know that all outside distractions will be eliminated and the focus is just on you and your spouse is essential! It makes a world of difference, I promise.

Happy Easter, Happy April and happy dating! Enjoy the next two weeks!

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