The unpopular choice…

Hello! Hope you all have had a great two weeks! I know here in Michigan, all the schools had their spring break last week so I hope you were able to do something fun! The boys and I enjoyed spending time out at the Holland Discovery Center. They have many trails, ponds, creeks and natural climbing areas. We probably could have spent the whole day there but this Momma has been hit with allergies so hard this year. I have never had a problem in the past but this year, if I don’t take my medicine as soon as I wake up, it is a disaster! Welcome spring, right!?!

I wanted to chat this week about something that has been weighing heavy on my heart for quite a while now. Many of you know that I work in a hospital here in Grand Rapids and with that comes a whole added level of dealing with this virus. Vaccinations were open to us before Christmas and most of my department signed up pretty fast but there were a few of us, me included, who opted out. For the most part, people are respectful of the decision but there always have to be a few who want to know exactly why I refuse to be vaccinated. In fact, just this past week, statements were thrown around, how the world will start getting better, when all of the “anti-vaccers” have died. To be honest, I just didn’t know how to take that, so naturally, I “let it go” and then pondered it the rest of the day!

So I guess the whole point of my blog today is to shed light on this vaccination in a different way. Now, I am not against all vaccinations and I am not even against this one, if that is what you decide is right for you. Every year at the hospital, we are required to get a flu vaccination, now some years, do I still get the flu? Definitely, because there is no guarantee that the pharmacists were able to guess the absolute correct cocktail for battling the flu every year. Why is that? Well the flu is a virus and as viruses go, they mutate every year. As we well know, the virus we are currently battling has already mutated several times. So what is to say that the vaccine we are putting out, is still effective anymore?

Ethan and I have also been bombarded with the thought that we are putting Oliver’s health in jeopardy which, if you know us, we would never do. We have chatted with our doctors as well as his specialists and collectively come to the agreement that the two of us getting the vaccine would neither help or hurt him. But ultimately, whether our family gets the vaccine or not, it is up to us. I’m not sure why everyone has this idea that health decisions are no longer up to the individual but rather, our health decisions are to be done for the greater good of everyone else. Vaccinations have always been to help the person actually getting the vaccine, to protect their body. But from my understanding, just because you get a vaccine does not mean that you aren’t able to spread that virus, just that your probability of getting sick is lowered.

I’m sure this opinion does not make us popular and that’s okay. We didn’t take the topic of this blog lightly because it is such a controversial topic but one that needs to be looked at. Ultimately, as individuals, we need to have serious conversations with our doctors to see what is the best course of action for the individual and not a one solution fits all. At this time, we are waiting but that decision might change in the future. But it won’t be because we have been bullied into it, it won’t be because we feel left out of the vaccination photo trend on social media, but because we feel like our health will be better for taking it.

So if you are on the fence, or simply sick of having an opinion that doesn’t fit in with mainstream media right now, that is okay. Do your own research, talk with your personal physician and figure out what is best for you. For those of you who are die hard for vaccinations, step back. You made the decision that was best for you and you need to give the rest of us the space to make those decisions without judgment, hate or a wish of ill will.

Sometimes the unpopular choice is the best choice for you and that is okay. Hope you all have a fabulous two weeks!

1 thought on “The unpopular choice…

  1. thank you for explaining this so well to those that don’t seem to understand that we still have a choice. very well said… we should all be kinder to others whose opinions are different than ours.


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