Changes here and there…

Hi Everyone! Hope you all have had a wonderful couple of weeks. The weather here in Michigan can’t quite figure out what to do but we have been enjoying every day just the same! Have your tulips started popping yet? Out of the 30 bulbs Mom and I planted last year, only 3 survived the bunnies but those three are gorgeous. I will have to do some more research next year on how to keep them at bay but for now they are chubby bunnies!

We have had quite a few changes happen in the last few weeks. At Rustic Corner, we have been wanting to change up the counter area for quite some time to accommodate for the busy season a little easier and we were finally able to make that happen! Hopefully before busy season starts, we will be able to put in another register as well! Ethan said I couldn’t share any pictures, just that you all will have to come in to see it! But man does that front space feel open and airy, a much needed refresher. We are so thankful for the team that worked hard to make the construction happen while we were closed on Sunday and have it all cleaned up Monday morning!

Ok ,I couldn’t resist adding just a small sneak peek!

The boys have also started a version of home school called field school. With Michigan mask mandates the way they are, now requiring those 2 years old and up to wear masks at school, we decided to pull the boys out of school. With only three weeks left, we knew it was the right decision for us and that we could make the end of the school year fun by learning as a family. This has been our first week and we have had a blast so far. The boys and I ventured to a skate park on Monday so they could try out some new skills with their bikes as well as took a nature hike in the woods. Ollie had a blast trying out some of the jumps and effectively giving me a few more grey hairs! Yesterday, we were able to make it out to Fredrick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. They have so many outdoor areas so we are breaking them up into short visits. Yesterday, we explored the Wege Nature Trail that led us to the Farm area. They boys had a blast spotting baby turtles and geese as well as pumping water into the big stock tank.

Ollie starts soccer on Saturday and he is pumped! This kid loves to be active and is so excited to be back on a team. The only thing he did ask was that next time we sign him up for indoor. When I asked why, he said that playing outside was just simply too cold all the time! Oh man, this kid is always keeping me on my toes!

So that has been our life the past two weeks. Are are looking forward to more adventures in the area next week. Ollie and I have been researching the Grand Rapids Bike Park so be expecting a lot of pictures from there next time! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, spoil those Mom’s in your life rotten!

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