Riding in Tandem…

Happy Thursday Everyone! The sunshine has been glorious this week and I hope you were able to get outside to enjoy it. Ethan and I celebrated our sixth anniversary on Sunday May 9th, also Mother’s day this year. The day itself was very chill and relaxing with our boys as well as some family time. But on Monday morning we dropped the boys off and headed down to Saugatuck for a few days!

Mother’s Day!

We have always tried to get away for a few days for our anniversary and this year we found a cute cabin just outside of Saugatuck in Kingfisher Cove. The cabin came complete with literally everything that you could need in a home as well as a private hot tub which is the main reason we decided to book. There were three bedrooms in total, King, Queen and a bunk room with two sets of bunks, so plenty of room to book for the whole family. Within the community of cabins, there was also an outdoor pool, that would be amazing in the warmer months.

On our first day there, we decided to stop for lunch at Grow Café and Bistro where we tried their club and lavender lemonade. Literally, that was probably the best food we have had in a long time. Everything was very fresh and busting with flavor. If you are a fan of lavender flavor, we definitely recommend. We would have gone back the next day but they are only open Friday- Monday at this time. That will probably change once tourist season is in full swing though.

The downtown area had a lot of fun shops, many art galleries as well as clothing boutiques. If you are going before tourist season, just beware that many shops are closed during the week and only open on the weekend. But we did see a few signs that said, “Open when the lights are on” so you know, then it’s just kind of a surprise I guess!

We also found an amazing coffee shop called Uncommon Coffee Roasters that is right in the downtown area of Saugatuck as well. They have a very diverse menu including specialty lattes, nitro brews, smoothies as well as baked goods. If you are looking for gifts, they also carry gift boxes with pancake mix, syrup, coffee beans as well as some fun T-shirts. But if coffee isn’t your thing, we also stopped in to Coppercraft Distillery. They are a company based out of Holland with a large variety of bourbons, whiskey, gin and rum. I can honestly say, that I will stick to my sweet wine! But it was fun to try some new things and the staff was super helpful.

Once we had finished our time downtown we busted out our tandem bike and headed for Mt. Baldhead and Oval beach. We took a right out of town, another at the only stop sign in Douglas and turned right again at the giant root beer barrel for the full experience. Now once we braved the 300+ stairs up Mt. Baldhead we were kind of disappointed in the view. It has a gorgeous overlook of Saugatuck but if you were hoping to see the lake, skip the hike and head straight to Oval Beach. The beach was beautiful with rolling whitecaps and plenty of sand dunes to explore.

Now if you have been to the area, you know about the hills. Well, being the adventurous people that we are, we decided to brave them anyway on our super cool tandem bike. If you have ever ridden a tandem, it is essential to stay in synch with one another. Step off with the correct foot, lean with the turn, no slacking in the back and so much more. This bike completely demonstrates how a successful marriage needs to look like. Two people working together toward a common goal in life. They each bring their own sets of skills that over time mesh together to create something truly beautiful.

So there really was no reason to shy away from those hills or the hard work that we knew was in front of us because we were going to do it together. There is trust that is built in a marriage, a knowing that your partner is going to give 100% when you need them to. An understanding that we succeed together, each one using the skills that make us wonderful individuals but spectacular partners. In the six years that we have been married, that trust just keeps getting stronger. The tasks we take on become larger but so do the outcomes.

I cannot wait to see what the next year holds in store for us. So much has changed in six years that I cannot even fathom where we will be in another six. But one thing is for sure, we will be here pushing along, trusting one another to concur that next hill and encouraging one another every step of the way!

Dinner in our cabin!

Hope you have a wonderful two weeks!

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  1. Very nicely written! I’m glad you had such a nice time.


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