Get out there!

This past week, one of my co-workers asked if our goal was to make it to every park in Kent County. Without much thought, my immediate answer was “yes”. I would love to make it to every park, to explore and see more of our beautiful state. It is so sad to me the number of times we have discovered an area that has been in our city for years, but we had yet to make it there. It has been our goal for a few years now to make it to a new park every week. Now some weeks that isn’t possible and we explore one that we have already been to but the weeks we get to adventure are our favorite.

We started our park adventures in 2019 and have not slowed down since. It all began as an outlet for me, believe it or not. I found myself getting stuck in unhealthy stagnant habits. Doing the same routine, going the same places and eventually I felt myself getting agitated. The kids would sense my agitation and then the whole day would go downhill from there. It got to the point where Ethan would leave for work and I would instantly burst into tears, feeling out numbered and overwhelmed. The only thing that I could do that seemed to work to reset that panic was to go outside. Even just a short walk around our block seemed to ease that agitation and bring the sunshine back into our day. Since then, we have been making it a requirement to be outside every single day, rain or shine. That doesn’t always mean a grand adventure to an awesome park though, that would be too much to manage. But some days, that means taking extra time watering the plants outside or taking our game time to the porch to soak up the morning sunshine.

Our little family would like to encourage you and your family to get outside this summer to enjoy the areas that have brought us joy. To encourage you to do that, we are offering a $400 gift card to Rustic Corner at the end of the summer. How do you qualify? Every week, we will post on Facebook and Instagram a new park for you to explore that we personally have already been to and find to be worth the adventure. Once you have made it, post a picture at the park sign and make sure to tag Rustic Corner. Every time you make it to a park and tag us, your name will be entered to win! So the more adventures you take, the better your chances of winning!

Now our goal is not to send you all over the state of Michigan but rather to explore the areas in which we frequent every day. On occasion there might be a few parks that are a little far from home but never more than an hour. The goal is to make it easy, fun and give you the opportunity to create lasting memories with your family. The parks do not need to be visited in the order that we post them either. Just as long as you make it to some of them or all of them, if you like, by the end of the summer, Labor Day.

We are so excited to be working on this project with you and we hope that it brings you all as much joy as it has brought us!

Happy Adventuring!

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