Making the memories count…

Happy Thursday! I hope you have all have had a good two weeks! We have fit a ton of adventuring into ours and I can’t wait to share it with you.

We began our adventures last week, with a trip to Ludington! If you have never been, it is a wonderful place to explore even just for a day trip. My parents were camping up there so the boys and I decided to tag along for a few days. Our time was spent making campfires, biking and hiking to the lighthouse. We splashed in Lake Michigan until we were popsicles and ate too much good food. But ultimately, my boys were able to make quality memories with their MomMom and PopPop that they will never forget. Goodness, I was able to make memories with my parents that will last with me way after they are gone. Memories are ultimately all that we have left of someone after they are gone and this past year and a half has robbed us all of a lot of opportunities to make those memories so we are trying our hardest to make up for that this summer!

After getting home from camping, a flat tire as well as two tire replacements on the way back, we jumped right into wedding mode. Ethan and I’s best friend, Ben, tied the knot this weekend in an intimate backyard wedding that was perfect for him in everyway! We battled the rain and the wind but the sunshine broke through as his bride made her way down the aisle and stayed beautiful the rest of the evening. But isn’t that the way though with many things? We battle through some of the most darkest times but if we keep going and trying the sunshine breaks through eventually creating something better than you could have imagined in the first place? Plus it rained on our wedding too and someone told me it was good luck or something!

Fast forward about 12 hours and we were on our way to adventure number three for the week. Ethan’s Grandpa turns 80 this month and we wanted to celebrate him with a back yard barbeque! We weren’t even sure he would make it to see the summer this year and not having seen him since COVID began, we wanted to make it special for him. Carnival games, water fights and plenty of cake were had by all and plenty of pictures to remember the day. Being careful about his health, Grandpa and Grandma were able to watch the festivities from their deck and enjoy the never ending laughter from all of their great grands.

So even though this week has been draining, that is a lot of people for this very introverted person, it was one packed with sweet memories that we will never forget. So is there someone that you have been meaning to hang out with but just haven’t had the time? Well, here is your reminder to make the phone call and the effort to set something up. You never know just how long you will have with someone or have to live with the regrets of not having the time. Let’s put down the devices this summer and make the most of our time here. Make the memories count!

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